FEEDBACK: NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 1

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It’s WrestleMania Season and we’re kicking off with Night 1 of NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver!! Please leave all your thoughts on tonight’s big show, which features Io Shirai vs Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women’s Championship and WALTER vs Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT UK Championship!

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It had it’s ups and it’s downs but overall a great show. Breaking it up into 2 nights definitely got some people on the card that might have been left off but that’s the point I would guess. Looking forward to O’Rielly vs Cole tomorrow night.


Not too thrilled about Raquel winning the title, mainly because of how damn problematic she is as a human being (outside of WWE wrestler support, Raquel is getting torn to shreds right now). But whatever. The match itself was pretty underwhelming, and it felt like Io had to do the lions share of the effort, and the finish fell flat. Now I’m curious to see if Raquel actually gets a long reign, or if they pull the plug fairly early on, because her match booking (if tonight is any indication) isn’t sustainable for the health of the division.

Rest of the show was awesome though. Although I am utterly terrified of Io going to the main roster, because I know she’s going to be mishandled. And I don’t believe Triple H when he says she is going to stick around. He said the same thing about many other stars just for them to show up on the Main Roster later on.

  • Pete Dunne and Kushida was a clinic. It felt like a chess game of submissions

  • The Gauntlet was fun and i’m relieved that Lumis didn’t win because I feel his silent killer scthick isn’t suited for a title run. The homestretch with Swerve, Reed and Grimes was dope and it was great to see Swerve make it to the final two.

  • WALTER and Tommaso Ciampa brought the violence and then some. The story they told after the table spot was clever and Ciampa has looked the best he’s looked in a while. It was the match of the night.

  • MSK, GYV and LDF was a balls-out chaotic three-way. MSK and GYV will be the main tag team feud for the next few months.

  • The women’s division has undergone a changing of the guard as Raquel Gonzalez has reached the top. I liked that there was no chicanery.

  • What else needs to be said about Io Shirai that hasn’t been said? She’s one of the very best in the game, today. If the old man ruins her, I’ll throw hands.

I’m all set to do it again tomorrow :slight_smile:

As weary as I am at fans being at any event for a bit longer, man was it nice to have an atmosphere again. Really is getting me excited for how it’s going to sound at Mania.

As for NXT? What can you say? Takeover remains undefeated. And it’s going for two wins in one tomorrow. Every match lived up to or exceeded expectations and the one thing I was afraid of - a Lumis win, didn’t happen, so tomorrow’s card should be equally good. WALTER-Ciampa was my match of the night. Boy did Ciampa need that one, but that was every bit the Ciampa we have loved in his time in NXT and hopefully he has some momentum coming off of this. Do you guys think WALTER is sticking around? NXT UK can’t afford to lose him, but there’s just so many fun matches he can have staying state-side for now.

Nick from Boston

First time commenting on the NXT feedback thread! The diversity of in-ring styles NXT has at it’s disposal was on full display tonight. Dunne vs Kushida was the perfect opener, although I do wonder when Kushida will finally be in a position to pick up that big NXT win. WALTER vs Ciampa was the war that we all wanted with some truly unique elements. I’ll never forget that chop slicing through the announce table like an axe, & Tommaso brought some babyface fire that we haven’t seen from him in quite some time.

The highlight for me personally was the tag triple threat. I had no idea who the legal man was at any point in this match & I never really cared. Every team got their diverse moment to shine, & it just felt like MSK’s moment to pick up those belts. Excited for night 2!

Good charbel

This show reminds me why nxt is my favorite thing in wrestling

This is night one … seriously… let’s fucking go !!

Everytime pete dunn is on my tv I remember all the fantastic match he had in Wwe and I can believe how good he is … i hope this guys goes far and no birds comes flying out of is intro

Question : how can we wake up tomorrow
In a world without io as champ …

I’m pump for tomorrow!

A perfect show for me. Liked the pacing, i think they hit the sweetspot with the length of the matches. Io vs Raquel, Walther vs Ciampa and the tag match were the ones that got me most excited for the whole week. So getting them in a row was a blast, especially Io vs Raquel. So, now I’m happy and sad at the same time, because i have the feeling that I’ve already seen the best. But normally TakeOvers surprises me even with the matches I’m not in, so tomorrow will be a lot of fun.

I got matty b’s bumble profile screenshots

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That was excellent, near perfection. Not much to say.

In what way is Raquel problematic? Because she’s a Republican and follows a Latinos with Trump Instagram page?

Was hoping GYV and LA Knight would win but not too many complaints about the show. Dunne/Kushida the match of the night.

Io most likely going to the main roster but would be good if they ended the process of wrestlers going up off of a big loss. From a kayfabe point of view it doesn’t make much sense.

When is Io going to return to Japan to become Mrs. EVIL?

Not sure there is a really big blow up about Raquel. I don’t even bother to spend time researching these lower level talent because frankly there isn’t a lot there to worry about. Her twitter of late is typical of a WWE talent pushing themselves. Regarding any political party affiliation she has - I gather any young person wanting to associate themselves with the GOP that there has to be a religious connection (or something much worse.)

Yeah, I haven’t been particularly coy about how I feel about that side of the aisle, but it does go a little too far to call someone problematic just because they follow a party on social media. Doing a quick search of her Instagram/Twitter, I’m not seeing any RTs or favorites or otherwise that you’d have any clue about that end of things with her, so…I think it’s irrelevant.

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I agree that it’s totally irrelevant.

People have gone purposefully digging to try and find something that deems her ‘problematic’ in their eyes, so they can write a scathing tweet or comment somewhere online.

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If Raquel being champion upsets the type of people that are desperate to be offended and are desperate to find a way to bring someone down just so they can get up on to their moral high horse, then Raquel being champion is an even better thing than I thought it was.