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Obviously, spoilers within.

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Magan from Ottawa, ON

The last time I’ve felt this dumbfounded over a Marvel film pulling off this kind of feat was Endgame. Spider-Man: No Way Home is a triumphant celebration of 2 decades worth of the web-slinger on film. It pushes the franchise forward and it provides fan service that die-hards like me crave for. Willem Defoe’s Green Goblin shows that he hasn’t lost a step and Tom Holland puts on a career-best performance as Spider-Man and watching him play off of Garfield and Maguire’s Spider-Men was mind-boggling. I laughed, I cussed and I was emotionally stunned by how it blended the heart, humor and courage that defines Peter Parker.

Note: I popped when I saw Matt Murdock catch that brick!

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Jay from Colorado

I absolutely loved this movie. It had everything I was expecting and more. I loved the dynamic between the three Peter Parkers, and while all three had their similariites the differences between them and their universes really shined through. I especially loved the how the other spideys are still from such grounded realities, where things like magic and other super powered heroes are alien concepts. The whole bit about them thinking the Avengers was a band got a laugh out of me. My favorite line from the three of them was Andrew to Toby saying "You plan on fighting dressed like a cool youth pastor or do you have a suit?”.

I’m sure this was probably the last time we will see Toby and Andrew in the Spiderman roles, but to be honest I wouldn’t mind a little more of each. A Spiderman 4 with Toby as an older and wiser spidey who is in a complicated marriage in a world where Dr. Octopus is back sounds great. An Amazing Spiderman 3 with a still bitter and vengeful Spiderman who has shutout the Peter Parker side of his life and is now fighting to pull his punches, sign me up. Yeah, it’s overkill, but I want more dammit.

Also I loved that for an entire week other Spiderman villains wreaked havoc on the city while Eddie Brock/Venom just hung out at his hotel on the beach and got drunk.

And finally, talk about great timing in the reveal of Daredevil and Kingpin within days of each other. This had to be planned, right? What a time to be a fan.

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Hi guys. Martin from Sheffield.
First time, long time.

Really enjoyed the film. There will be plenty of talk about the many cameos, but my personal favs were Leon from Curb your enthusiasm and Stewey from Succession.

Also I see Norman Osborne is a massive wrestling fan with the power bomb through the floor followed up by a spine buster.

Questions: with Idris Elba saying that a deal with Marvel means losing half your schedule for the year, is Zendaya done with the MCU? She has been appearing in lots of stuff recently and is probably fielding offers from everyone.

Also do you think we get Venom in the Tom Holland universe in conjunction with the Tom Hardy one? Or combine the two?

Hope you have a great Christmas lads! Salt ‘n’ Vinegar FTW.

Same as the previous posters, I loved it. Just 2 questions, if you have not talked about it yet, why is Ned suddenly capable of opening dimensions ? Is it just with Dr Strange’s item ?

Have you been able to spot who was coming through the rift ? Sorry if you have also talked about it.


After seeing a variety of films in 4DX I can say that Spider-Man films have been my favourite to watch. Not all films work in the setting but moving around with the web slinging while having the wind blow through the air is just a perfect combination and may have given this film the edge over Infinity War to make it my favourite MCU movie.

The film was fantastic and since I stopped watching trailers, breakdown videos and avoiding spoilers or even thumbnails (looking at you emergency awesome) some of the reveals were legitimate surprises to me. I was fortunate enough to be in a cinema that popped huge when reveals occurred with loud gaps, cheers and clapping. There was a small pop when I watched Endgame for the “Avengers Assemble” scene but this was a much more lively audience and made me feel like I was seeing something special (which I think we all did).

One scene that got a strange reaction in my screening was when Garfield saved MJ, learning from his mistakes and not killing her in the process. Andrew showed incredible emotion while MJ gave an awkward look not understanding his reaction, my audience laughed at this exchange where I was tearing up knowing the significance of what this moment meant for Garfield.

This brings about a discussion of the use of comedy in MCU films, sometimes I feel they have a little too much and it was especially interesting to see how the other two Spider-Men who’s movies have more serious tone would fit in with the lighter MCU tone. Earlier in the film they did try to re-establish the significance this moment had in Garfield’s life “I stopped pulling my punches”.

So do you think the intended reaction was to get a laugh out of this sequence or did my audience miss my interpretation of the scene?
I think it’s both, MCU typically has a serious moment followed by a joke to break the tension, which normally works but I didn’t feel it worked in this instance.

Also ScreenCrushes videos are great for Easter eggs, explanations and he did a great plot hole video on this film if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Sorry about the rant (and length), I LOVED the film and hope you guys did too.

I was not expecting to like this movie so much. I’m a life long Spider-Man fan so I’m used to the films building to a fever pitch, only to let me down but this was something else. The most important thing (and the thing this movie got so right) was focusing on the main core characters. Yes, we had all these characters from all these other universes but the core of this movie revolved around Peter’s relationships with MJ and Ned and Aunt May. It was emotional, logical and most of all, it was hilarious (my theater was cracking up constantly). So many creators have tried (and failed) to introduce a bunch of Spidey villains late in the game, this movie got it right. Kudos to Jon Watts, Kevin Feige and everyone involved. This was amazing and expertly executed.

The end scene was Christmas in new york. I was half-expecting peter to bump into hawkeye on the street.

Does anyone know why venom was pulled into that universe? I only watched the first film but I don’t think he knew a spiderman.

If venom can leave a drop behind… did norman osborn leave his glider behind for someone to become hobgoblin?

Ben from Vancouver

What a fun movie. Totally marked out for Matt Murdock.

Also loved the interactions between all three Spideys, especially them mocking Tobey Maguire’s web shooting. I actually thought Andrew Garfield shone big time, I always thought he was the best actual Spiderman despite his movies not being very great and I enjoyed him here.

I thought everything made sense excerpt for the fact that Andrew Garfield would know of Norman Osborn and Maguire would know of Connors.

What do you guys see as the next step for the Daredevil franchise? Also, could you see as this leading to another Andrew Garfield Spidey movie?

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Can’t add much more than had already been said. But the experience of this film in the cinema is only rivalled by endgame for me. I came off a nightshift, quite sluggish, but wanting to see this as early as possible, the nods and surprises in the first half were enough to keep me engaged, but the second half was spectacular, smiling through my mask the whole time. As someone who usually wants a silent cinema during films, I loved the engagement in my viewing, there were obviously people unaware of what was rumoured, and some genuine gasps when maguire and Garfield showed up. People were applauding at one point.

Brandon from Oshawa

My favorite movie of the MCU, just narrowly edging out Endgame. What was most interesting to me, were who got the biggest pops and how they got bigger and bigger throughout the film. Matt Murdoch received a respectable pop. The fans were rabid for original trilogy villains Doc Ock & Green Goblin. Not so much for the Amazing Spiderman villains. People absolutely lost their minds at Garfield & Maguire’s first appearances and then again when they swung into action together.

Garfield & Maguire were both terrific in their returns and I was glad it was for more than a quick cameo. Garfield cracking Maguires back was hilarious and one of my favorite scenes of the movie. I hope that Ned & MJ return. Both are great comic relief and while not being into Zendaya at first, I’ve really come around on her and I think those characters will be missed.

I did not like Eddie Brock disappearing back to his universe. Do you think we get a different Venom or something else with the symbiote?

Sean from Toronto

Spider-Man: No Way Home was satisfying. 'Nuff said!

Though I would like to add that the mid-credits scene with Venom seemed like a subtle F-U from Marvel Studios to Sony and the latter’s intention to have their own cinematic universe of Spider-Man characters. As cool as it would be to have Tom Hardy’s Venom cross into the MCU, it clearly doesn’t fit in with Marvel’s plans.

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Jermaine from Chicago. I thought Spider-Man was a good watch and a good time. I really didn’t like Jamie fox performance and had to turn my brain off. You come to a new universe and get your eye site fix and a fresh fade? Why was the sandman fighting and he just wants to get home to his family? no way Spider-Man would best the worlds best sorcerer in a confrontation. This movie confirmed to me that toby McGuire is the goat Spider-Man and deserves a old man Logan movie. Sony you are all about getting as much money as you can out of the spidey universe, get it done. Was the movie shot too dark in some scenes? Lastly this whole multiverse stuff was just like about 70 percent of marvel ideals, token from dc. So I’m just waiting for flashpoint to come out and hear how that movie somehow ripped off Spider-Man. Thanks for the entertainment each week. 7/10

Scrump from Chicago

I vividly remember going to go see the first Spider-Man movie as a 9 year old and never once did I imagine that 19 years later I would be seeing 3 different Spider-Man.

I very much enjoyed seeing Tobey back in action and the scene where he reunites with Otto brings tears out of me every single time.

The Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies were dog shit and it’s very much recency bias that’s having the internet clamor for a third “Amazing Spider-Man”, no thanks, but he did excellent in this movie as well.

It’s the worst kept secret that we’re getting a variation of Secret Wars as this point, do you see both of these Spider-Men coming back?

They’re clearly giving Tom the black suit and putting Venom back in the Sony-Verse, do you see someone from the MCU being our version of Venom?

Take care.

Chris Leone,

I saw this movie on Sunday and will be seeing it for a second time as you are recording this show. Infinity War/Endgame was a great conclusion of 10 years of storytelling, but it tied together stories that were meant to be connected. No Way Home blew me away with how seamlessly it tied together 3 movie universes that were never meant to coexist.

My biggest takeaway from this film was Andrew Garfield. He had the weakest Spider-Man movies in my view, but when all three Spider-Men were on the screen together, I was completely drawn to him over Tobey and Tom. After seeing this movie he is definitely Peter 1 in my book.

Finally, if you haven’t covered it already, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how Dr. Strange was portrayed in this film. Something about him seemed off, and after seeing that there will be at least 2 Dr. Strange’s in the Multiverse of Madness, is there a chance this wasn’t the true Dr. Strange in this movie, or am I just reading too much into some odd writing?

I think it’ll be Mac Gargan.

Burak from the UK.

This was released in the UK last Wednesday and I saw it opening night and also the next night. Both nights the Cinema was half empty, probably due to Omnicron running wild in London.

However, it was a fantastic Cinema experience. The plot was a bit weak “I don’t people to know I’m Spiderman so I can bang MJ in peace please” but it fits with Peter Parker being a teenager.

However, I was taken on so many ups and downs during the movie, I can forgive a weak plot point. Kevin Feige did to us with Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, what Tony Khan did to us with CM Punk.

Sometimes, you just need to give the people what they want.


I enjoyed this movie very, very much. My sister came with me and while she was very excited to see Tobey, however she has NEVER seen Andrew Garfield and “The Amazing Spider-Man” films, so she had no idea who he was or 9later in the film) why did he have such low self- esteem?

I told her it was a meta joke that he was the only one out the the three Spider-Man’s who’s film never got a third instalment because the second was under-preformed in the box office. She laughed.

9 “was that Brother Voodoo in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer?” out of 10

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Brian from New Jersey.

I have yet to miss a Spider-Man movie, and I thought this one was one of the best, if not the absolute best. A very well told story that loves its characters and is rewarding to fans. A lot of really good acting across the board. I really enjoyed the twists on the returning villains, including such jokes about them falling into stuff.

The Matt Murdoch cameo was very satisfying to me, as was JK Simmons’ new take on Jameson really leaning into Alex Jones territory, complete with selling his own supplements.

Brian from Waterloo.

Hi WH and Wai,

I can’t tell you both how much I enjoy the MCU later podcast. The insights given on the show and extra background provided on different characters is greatly appreciated.

When it comes to the Spider-man franchise, expectations have been high since Sami Rami’s iteration of the web-slinger. Personally, for me Spider-Man 2 is the best Spider-man film, unfortunately, not even with Alfred Molina and Toby Maguire reprising their roles could get Spider-Man: No Way Home close to that mark of near perfection. This movie was aggressively mediocre! You would think with established villains already in place you could skip the story arches on building motives for why the antagonists have turned to a life of crime, but instead we got this weak story of Peter wanting to redeem each villain before sending them back to their respective universe. But how can you redeem villains with the guy who was just throwing Goblin bombs at you? It was obvious Norman Osborne was going to turn on him. How this was not obvious to Peter is baffling and really an insult to the audience. The movie relied on nostalgia too much get push through what should have been the best Spider-Man movie. Though it was entertaining to see Tobey Maguire interact with Tom Holland…(not with Andrew Garfield, he still sucks, but his line to Maguire going into battle as a cool youth pastor was hilarious), you cannot rely on WWE style trickery to blind me to the fact that this movie fumbled this the chance of creating film history. When you boil it down, this movie and it’s premise was a 2 and a half hour trailer for Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. I’m hopeful the next Spider-Man flick will be closer to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man 2 and less The Amazing Spider-Man.

Fantastic performances from Willem Dafoe and Tom Holland. And Jamie Foxx had quite the redeeming performance for his character, Electro,

7.5 cool youth pastors out of 10