FEEDBACK: Rewind-A-Dynamite 1/15/2020

Leave us your feedback on tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

Rewind-A-Dynamite will be out tonight with John Pollock & guest co-host Damian Abraham.


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Brandon from Oshawa

Really excellent show tonight. As someone who loves to cruise(I’ve been on 7 of them) next week’s episode has probably been my most anticipated show, since I realized they’d be having Dynamite on the cruise. I really hope they can stay consistent and have a solid show, because it’s been pretty inconsistent in the last few weeks.

The women really are the bad spot and I hate to say it, because I’ve tried to support him as long as I could, but JR has to go. It’s just too many mistakes week after week. Getting the company name wrong last week and get MJFs name wrong twice in the same match. I’d like to see Taz replace him.

They’ve been close to 1 million the past couple weeks, do you think the Bash at the Beach concept will bring more eyes and bump them over a million this week?

Nick from Lansing

AEW continues to put out strong shows every week, with the one point of weakness for them being their women’s division.

Opening match was really great, they packed in a lot of action but managed to get across the frustrations between The Elite and Adam Paige. I loved the Hangman getting the surprise pin fall, furthering the decision in the group and his promo later with SCU was funny

The woman’s match was pretty rough as alluded to earlier especially at the beginning of the match but I’m happy to see Statlander being booked strong

Sammy G gets better every week in my eyes. He feels more confident in his character work as he prances around, making his flashy mobster feel like he was taunting everyone in the arena

What a main event. They packed so many moves in, I don’t know how to keep track of it all but both men felt like starts just on their athleticism alone.

Overall much better show than the first 2 of 2020. This was our first time watching on AEW Plus. Not seeing the commercials made the show feel like a PPV, minus one break that was just crowd and sign shots.
Great opener. Cool dark order promo, they seem to have me back and forth on the gimmick.
Another unfortunately lacking women’s match, not at the fault of statlander or shida.
Surprising end, I thought they were going with darby.

The Archivist

First off I want to compliment Damian and Fucked Up on their cover of In View by The Tragically Hip. I guess you guys recorded it a while ago but I just heard it last week and it was the highlight of my day. Thanks for that tribute to Gord.

I really enjoyed this show from start to finish but my main highlight was Sammy Guevara. Most of the names from AEW I already knew before Dynamite started but Sammy was an unknown to me. Week after week he improves to the point where I feel he’s the number 2 guy in the Inner Circle. His match tonight with Moxley was excellent and his cue cards are keeping my eyes glued to the screen. The sky is the limit for him.

Question for Damian, do you have any plans to have Andy Williams (The Butcher) on the podcast soon?

Sean from Toronto

While the Bash at the Beach theme didn’t really extend past the set and the clothes worn by pretty much everyone except J.R., this was still a quite solid episode of Dynamite. It was quite amazing to see that 63 year old Diamond Dallas Page still has it in the ring, which is probably as good a testament as any about the power of the DDPY program.

I’m not sure about the “alcoholic Hangman Page” angle, since there are probably better ways to turn a guy heel. Also, anyone else think that Ortiz’s hairstyle was reminiscent of Meng/Haku circa 2001?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Excellent show tonight. AEW seems to have everything running well for them, and it’s hard to criticize most of the wrestling on the show. However, the women are still an issue. If Kenny Omega is running the show for the women, it isn’t working with him at the helm. I watched an epic moonsault slap to the back by Kris Statlander and a boot choke to the shoulder by Brandi Rhodes. The tag teams sometimes have this issue, but it’s more pronounced with the women. What would you guys do to improve the women’s division? Would you fire anybody and bring new people in? I don’t want to come off as completely negative because AEW is the best company in wrestling when it comes to presenting babyfaces, and even some of the old timers who get on the show are great to watch.

Noah from the City of Vaughan

Aside from the womens match being just ok, I thought everything else was very good to great. Just fantastic opener where all 8 guys got a chance to shine. The dark order videos continue to be a highlight for me, I thought it was just great. A very enjoyable show and an easy two hours to sit through. 8.5/10

Alexander from Portland

As a big PAC fan, I love that AEW gave him another win in the main event. Even if he was slightly overshadowed by Moxley coming out, he looked like a star after that match and getting some mic time. I’m excited for next week to see how an episodic weekly wrestling show looks filmed on a ship at sea. What next, NXT UK running in a cave? One of the highlights of AEW lately is seeing just how good Dustin Rhodes’ destroyers are.

Question: what are your thoughts on the RVD promo from Impact last night? Was it any less classy than the cuck angles WWE has been having?

Eric in Miami I was at the show live they did 6 matches for Dark
Big Swole vs Diamante.
Nyla Rose in a Tables match,
Dark Order vs Sunny Kiss and Brandon Cutler. Strong Hearts vs Jurassic Express.
Fenix vs Joey Janela
Kip Sabian vs Michael Nakazawa

The show was amazing that opening Tag may have been the best match I’ve ever seen live, but they have a serious issue with this women’s division the show started hot with the tag, a great Cody promo on screen they showed Darby and Pac so I assumed it was next but the show came to a stop with that women’s match. Anyway I hope the crowd came across well because it was a lot of fun