FEEDBACK: Rewind-A-SmackDown 9/17/21

Which show did you prefer on Friday night?

  • Friday Night SmackDown
  • AEW Rampage

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We will do our best to get to this feedback thread on the show - it will depend on the volume of calls we receive.

Anthony from Melbourne

Haven’t seen this spoken about too much but what are your thoughts on the rapid booking for Arthur Ashe Stadium?

AEW usually announce big matches well in advance but on a week or less they announced all the matches, some of them could headline a PPV easily.

I heard there’s a possibility live attendances may need to be scaled back again because DELTA has been getting bad in the USA which may be the reason they debuted Brian at All Out.

Could it be possible AEW waited until they were certain arthur ashe stadium was going to proceed as planned before they over-stacked the card?