FEEDBACK: ROH 17th Anniversary card

Mike Murray and I will have an ROH 17th Anniversary POST Show up later tonight.

Leave us your feedback if you saw the show.


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0 voters

Pretty good show. The Lethal vs. Taven match exceeded my expectations, especially for a 60 minute draw. However, I don’t think MSG needs a multi man match for the ROH title which is what they are clearly teasing.

Also I am far more excited for Villian Enterprises vs. Guerillas of Destiny than GOD vs.The Briscoes to be honest.

But here’s my beef. I’d be pissed if I was an Honor Club subscriber and they canceled two matches. In 2019, a company with the kind of backing ROH shouldn’t be relying on PPVs especially when they have a streaming service that airs these shows. They should be trying to push more fans to subscribe instead of being held at the mercy of PPV windows.

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

A great show, however I felt the World Championship match fell flat at the end as it seemed on one including the commentators knew 60-minuets had past.

A few supprise results and the G1 Supercard is really starting to take shape, honesty thought Briscoe’s had the win in the bag tonight.

With only tomorrows TV tappings and a Road to Event on the 31st do you expect any big news tomorrow?

Andrew from Saint John
Liked the show, missed the first half hour so my calculus for what matches were left was skewed and would remain so the whole way. I’ve heard mixed opinions on the 60 minute draw, so three thoughts: (1) the match really picked up after the runins were over, but that was because it felt like the match was ending (2) I totally could have done without the first 10 mins of the match before that (3) though Taven is a great heel, he doesn’t catch my attention as an in-ring performer. I only wanted more of Bandido/Rush, which ruled, and the main event was chaotic fun even if I’m constantly worried for PCO. Who faces GOD now?