FEEDBACK: SmackDown, AEW Rampage

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Saeed from Vancouver!

Loving the angle that’s hopefully setting up for KO vs Roman, while setting up for Usos vs Ko and Sami.

Very fun 5 way match, totally thought Sami was winning, but makes sense that Sheamus gets the match at Clash.

Sarah Logan being in the Viking Funeral for the new day was interesting and caught me off guard.
Do you believe she will be next to return as part of that group?

So I guess Roman heard Punks promo and used the lying line.

Props to Kate for skipping going to SD to do the show! Fun as always talking to you during Smackdown!

Did not have a chance to watch Rampage, but will be catching up through you guys when I listen!

Sami Zayn was the MVP of the episode. The 5 way match was strong, a lot of it had to do with Sami and I’m so there for Gunther/Sheamus. It’s about time that the IC title is back on a PPV.

The lack of the Usos contributed to revealIng Roman’s Achilles heel for Drew to expose and Sami once again took a bullet for Roman to prove he’s in like Flynn with the Bloodline.

the Usos vs Owens/Zayn is infinitely more interesting than Owens/Reigns.

The women’s tag tourney clocked in more minutes than the dreadful Queen’s crown last year.

An worthwhile outing in Montreal.