FEEDBACK: The Avengers (2012)

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Jake from the Windy City

I remember attending the midnight premiere here in Chicago with some skepticism. A little over two hours later, as the credits began to roll, I was ecstatic with the execution of it all, especially the climax of the battle in New York City. What I like about Marvel’s creative direction is they wait and build up the introductions to their superheroes before doing an ultimate crisis and battle scene. DC already ruined that and went to it right away with their first movie “Man of Steel” without any story development.

I can’t wait when you guys reach Guardians and Infinity War and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

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Eric from Sudbury,

The Avengers is a very unique film, in the sense that it operates as both a “payoff” movie to the MCU films that preceded it, and a “setup” movie for the next instalments in the franchise. Couple that with the highest of expectations from fans and critics alike, and I believe it is fair to say that Joss Whedon was in a position that could be considered unenviable. If this movie was critically panned and financially unsuccessful, it realistically could of sank the entire MCU.

But despite all the pressure, expectations and studio mandates, this movie worked. It was fun, action packed yet character driven, and all of the main characters get enough to do throughout the film. I think I can speak for most comic book fans when I say that seeing Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America fighting aliens together and interacting on the big screen for the first time was something very special, and can never truly be replicated.

This film isn’t without its faults. The plot is a bit clunky and overly-convenient at times. There are also too many quips and jokes that take away from the seriousness of the situation. Ultimately despite these criticisms, this is an inarguably fun film, and set a solid base for superhero teamup films in the future.

Note: If you get the time, watch the deleted scenes with Captain America. They really strengthen his character-arc in the movie.

Imran from Huddersfield

For me this is has become one of the most overlooked and undervalued films of the MCU. People heep praise (and rightfully so) on Infinity War and Civil War, but this was really the first huge team-up film of it’s kind, not just for Marvel, but for any studio, and despite the pressure of that, and everyone wondering whether a film like this could work, Joss Whedon managed to create a film that both works incredibly well and showed the world that huge team up films on this scale could work.

I’m a huge Whedon fan, especially for his work on Firefly and Buffy, so I might be a bit biased, but he did a tremendous job of giving every character their due and making sure everyone gets a moment. The script is sharp and the direction is on point, and all these characters who you never thought could share a screen together, play off each other in entertaining and often humorous ways.

Since then we’ve had several films on this scale, some brilliant like Civil War and X-Men Days of Future Past, and some not so great like Justice League… but as Avengers was the first it will always hold a special place for me.

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Daniel from London

I was very fortunate to have worked on the release for Avengers in the UK when I worked at Disney and was a dream come true to see it all come together (and attend a very cool UK Premier). As a huge Marvel fan it was very interesting to see the planning and behind the scenes of putting a film like that out there and strange to look back and say that there was some concern internally around the success of the film when it launched. Cap and Thor had set the scene the previous year, however these were still primarily Paramount productions with this being the first “true” Marvel film to come along with full control of production and distribution, it was an exciting and yet scary time. However as the months leading up to release went on we started seeing concept art, early clips, artwork and of course the longer term vision of what would become Phase 2 that was still to get into the public eye at the time, and could see then how great the film and MCU was going to be.
For myself, seeing the film in its entirety for the first time on the big screen I was floored by the ease Whedon had intertwined the characters and story into one fun, enjoyable and yet solid story and the moment Bruce gave his “angry all the time” line and Hulked up the entire screen just went crazy.
Anyway, a very different feedback I know, but thought I would share my own personal connection with the film that was a big part of my life and career several years ago. Maybe I look at it with a bias but it was without doubt one of the best Marvel films made and I think still today holds up as the benchmark for what followed

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Terry from Colo.

Another homerun for marvel. Joss whedon knocked it out if the park. Do you guys know why it didn’t work out with him as director?

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I will always remember watching this at midnight. They sold comics near the concessions and people cosplayed. Hulk playing whack a mole with loki got the biggest pop of the night and the shawarma bonus scene makes me hungry to this day. This is not only one of my favorite marvel movies its one of my favorite movies, hands down. Great script with lots of heart and still holds up years later after repeated viewings. Thanks for reviewing these guys!

If you loved the plot of this movie it was loosely based on Mark Millar’s post 9/11 masterpiece The Ultimates. I highly recommend it. Thanks!

Yeah the Ultimate comics had some really good stuff going for it towards the beginning with the Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men. It’s a shame most of them fell off imo, although I thought Spider-Man was a pretty solid series from beginning to end.

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