FEEDBACK: "The Ultimate Fighter" - Season 1 (Rewind-A-Wai)

I’m really excited about next week’s Rewind-A-Wai #145 where John & Wai will review my choice of the first season of the UFC’s smash hit reality series The Ultimate Fighter. They will review the first 3 episodes and then breakdown the legendary finale fight between Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin in which Dana White would claim it to be “the most important fight in the history of the UFC.”

This review will be released for POST Wrestling Café members on Thursday, December 14.

I’m so excited that I just wanted to create a feedback & questions thread here ahead of time.

Stream the first season of The Ultimate Fighter in its entirety on UFC Fight Pass (subscription required):

Leave your thoughts, memories & questions in this thread for the review.

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Brandon from Oshawa

This season was so good, that it actually led to me hating MMA. At the time, I wouldnt even call myself a fan, but I was interested. I read news and followed along with what was happening in UFC.

When this show started, it was everything that I enjoyed about wrestling, in a UFC show. It had guys who were entertaining, some solid fights and even some interesting storylines, in particular Leben/Koscheck.

I was obsessed with it. I would listen to The Ultimate Fighter theme at school, to hype myself up for the next episode. Then Bonnar/Griffin happened and it was incredible. They got me and I was as into it as someone could possibly be.

But I realized it was never going to get as good as that. I stayed into it for a few more years. Watched a couple more seasons of this show and even ordered a couple PPVs, but nothing compared to this season. Then it started to get more popular and it didnt feel like the cool thing that only I was into anymore.

Now I cant stand it. I still read some results, but I will most likely never watch again.

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