FEEDBACK THREAD: upNXT/Forever Young 17th October 2018

Ello, ello, ello. Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this weeks episodes of NXT, Mae Young Classic and 205 Live!

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Chris from Central Queensland, Australia.

When I seen the Tag Team Championship match first I expected Undisputed Era to interfere, a good match until that point.

However I didn’t expect the show to end with Aleister’s return & fade to black.

A great promo in the rain from Mustafa Ali, but how painful looking was Akira Tozawa landing on the Turnbuckle.

An incredible main event, 5-way number one contenders match. Can’t wait for Murphy Vs. Nese, just hope it’s not at Crown Jewel.

If Lacey doesn’t get signed I’d be very surprised. While I’m happy to see Rhea advance I feel terrible for Tegan, injured prior to last year’s tournament and now injured during the quarter finals.

Next week’s Semi-Finals:

  • Meiko Satomura :jp: vs :australia: Toni Storm
  • Rhea Ripley :australia: vs :jp: Io Shirai

Loved the opening vignette, showing WWE’s history in the UK. Moustache Mountain do make a good point, apart from the Coffey Brothers where are the other NXT UK tag teams?

Without going into spoilers, have you seen the “NXT UK Women’s Championship” or “NXT UK Tag Team Championship” designs? (Caution, Google-ing images may reveal current champions).

Jesse from the 6


What happened to Bianca Belair? Did Aleister Black banish her to the Nether Realm or wherever the hell he materialized from?

I think Lacey Lane was an odd choice for a quarter-finalist. I get that she’s a “hometown favourite” but Full Sail did not seem to be especially behind her. It was also weird putting her, as the underdog, up against another sentimental favourite in Meiko Satomura. I think Taynara Conti (who I am very high on) would have been a better pick. But even if the WWE was trying to keep up a racial quota, which we know is a thing they do, I think the other black wrestlers in tournament --Aerial Moroe and MJ Jenkins-- had more stage presence and character than Lane does. I don’t hate Lane, I just think her Ember Moon knock-off gimmick didn’t add much to the tournament.

Have either of you watched any of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix? It’s pretty dope.

Take Care

the tag title match and main event were really great up until their non-finishes. i was ok with bobby fish interfering because he needed to make an impact, but i really wanted to see a finish to bianca and nikki. bianca is the fucking she-hulk. i’m glad the mystery angle is wrapping up because it’s dragged and i’m tired of seeing nikki rock back and forth. the smart ass crowd was hilarious. raging aleister black with a red taking a shit face with all the new day who’s in the background had me howling.

Dave from Sydney

Just quickly on the Mae Young Classic, holy shit Michael Cole has ruined this show. It’s just all so bland with no real passion whatsoever. Spots that are leading into the finish have a softened blow due to his lack of enthusiasm. He also made a weird comment along the lines of ‘this could be the biggest match in the history of wrestling, well in a woman’s tournament that is.’ Please give us Mauro and Renee next year.

Also, I really can’t get into Io, her matches miss flow in between transitions and a character that doesn’t really have any potential for growth.

Sorry for the negative, at least it’s better then main roster.

Also, Brayden did you see Robbie Eagles who I sent you a link to earlier this year is now in the NJ jr tag tournament? Super stoked for the guy



I really loved the ending as it was a surprise to see Bianca Belair morph into Alistair Black. I still love Nikki Cross and her character, I find her very endearing.

Question : How do you have New Day and Sanity obeying the Freebirds Rule and not Undisputed Era ? I’m saying that because Adam Cole is not recognized as being tag team champion. (I’m echoing what Jalen is saying in the next post)

Mae Young

Unfortunate injury for Tegan, at least she got to wrestle two rounds this time. Was Rhea Ripley supposed to win ?
I really don’t like Michael Cole at all. Miscalling moves, lack of wrestling knowledge and irritating tone of voice. I very much prefer Mauro.

Jalen from Pickering,

205: Main event was a banger, and that sequence that ended with Rush frog splashing Cedric was a thing of beauty.

NXT: It’s amazing how much more enjoyable Nikki is in front of the audience than in the backstage stuff. Even with 2 non-finishes, I still wanna see more between Cross and Belair, hopefully at War Games. The ending was great until Black made that face that is destined for memes. Also Nikki looks like the girls from the Ring when her hair covers her face, spooky.

Question: With Fish back, how do you think UE deal with titles? Is Cole the designated singles guy and the rest will Freebird the tag belts, or Does Roddy becomes more of a singles guy again?

Carlos from Sunny Scotland…

NXT: Was it just me or were the crowd dead for long stretches of this? I’d be screaming for that opening match. Loved Fish coming back but would of been much better hitting WR with the trophy!! Black coming back like that was great, adds the Taker like quality he was loosing as champion.

NXT UK: Bit let down for the first episode, maybe having MM come out first would of been better but the matches were great and the look and feel of the show seperates it from NXT and WWE. Main event was great but stick Dunne in with a mop and it will be 5 stars.

Question…Do you think and would you enjoy a TakeOver next year of NXT vs. NXTUK? Could be the Survivor Series TO or a best vs best. Would be money