FEEDBACK: TRMPS #5 - "Doom" (2006)

Hey POST-Marks!

Leave your feedback here for the next action-packed episode of “The Rocky Maivia Picture Show” where we travel back to 2005 (and forward to the year 2026) to discuss one of The Rock’s biggest Box-Office bombs, “Doom”!

What did you think of “Doom”? Was this an underrated sci-fi classic, or does this video game adaptation deserve the hate it gets? Leave us your feedback, questions, & comments below. And make sure to check out TRMPS on Saturday, May 18th!

Finally, on a scale of 1-5, what rating would you give the film?

  • A Great One! (5/5)
  • The People’s Champ (4/5)
  • Know Your Role (3/5)
  • A Jabroni Joint (2/5)
  • Rock Bottom (1/5)

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Michael from Newfoundland, Canada currently living in Korea.

I watched this movie sometime last year on Netflix. I feel that my vague memory of it is enough to carry me through this review.

This movie is awful. It’s a garbage movie based on a shoestring story of a videogame. I was genuinely surprised that Dwayne turned out to be the heel. As for Karl Urban, I recommend 2012’s Dredd.

Another interesting tidbit is that since I live in Korea, Netflix here has its entire catalog subtitled in Korean. This means that someone, or a team of people, had to sit down and dissect this piece of trash and hard-code subtitles. So props to all of the subtitlers out there subtitling horrible, horrible garbage tv shows and movies.

I give this movie a 2/5.

Thank you Nate for taking one for the team. Never had an interest in this so will have to pass.

What was worse; WCW Nitro in 2000, or this movie?

Spoiler Alert
“Doom”…By a country mile. :100:


Martin from montreal,canada

I remember seeing the premiere of this movie in 2006 and being super excited about being able to see this in theater before it’S official release 2 days later. Sadly, i was really disappointed when i came out because of how awful this movie was to the point that i never saw the movie again after that. On the bright side, i didn’t pay to see it so there at less that.

Last Call for feedback!
We’ll be recording the episode Thursday night. :100:


Genutz from Parts Unknown.

I kinda love the campy dialogue and delivery. I would have marked out huge if the movie was released on home video on a series of floppy disks. But the worst part is Rock uses the BFG TWICE AND MISSES!

Nate, what’s your favorite floppy disk size? I’m a 3.5 inch man, myself.

2 versions better than Quake out of 5.