FEEDBACK: upNXT 03/03/21

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s NXT featuring Roderick Strong vs Finn Balor and Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Championship!

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Charbel the chosen one

Next week
In action

Long long time not first time …

  • One booking decision has sucked all the air outta the room as some main roster bullshit occurred. DK and Raquel got SCREWED.

  • Swerve Scott’s heel run could pay off with a solid promo about his motivations.

  • Cameron Grimes is money (pun intended). His new countryside tycoon persona is entertaining and I love how his Cave-In foot stomp is protected.

  • LA Knight got his first feud and I’m not familiar with his in-ring work. Feuding with Bronson Reed is a good start to his NXT run

  • Seeing Marcel Barthel in the doorway before the opening tag match as Timothy Thatcher walked by him had me on edge (are we getting a Ringkampf reunion with WALTER?)

  • Having a championship doubleheader next week sounds great on paper. What would be a better match up for Kyle O’Reilly should he return? The trilogy match vs Finn Balor or the grudge match vs Adam Cole?

  • Has Finn Balor or Roderick Strong ever had a bad match? Nope, they haven’t. The main event was dope.


  • Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez got screwed. Wonder if next week’s announcement has any impact on that (probably so). I’m not going to get upset by the angle until we see where it heads.
  • Io Shirai vs Toni Storm next week…Toni did nothing in her promo package but talk about how Io is unable to beat her, so the logical thing is that Io beats her next week.
  • That women’s tag match was okay whenever it was Dakota or Raquel vs Shayna. Whenever Nia came in, the match quality dropped significantly. She’s slow, unathletic, and no sold pretty much everything thrown at her, including whatever Raquel put out.
  • Gonna go out on a limb and say Adam Cole regains the NXT title next week, and then drops it to Kyle O’Reilly soon after.

Question of the Week: Who do you guys predict will be winning their matches next week on NXT, and what do you think Regal’s announcement will be? Also assuming NXT moves to Tuesdays, will you guys still be doing your livestreams, just on Tuesday night?

Alex K from TO

Long time, it’s been a while

Sub par episode of NXT with only the announcements of what is happening next week as the only highlights.

The Way therapy sessions were a miss although Indi’s obsession with Lumis was funny especially the friends with benefits line. Does she hand him a note next week that reads “Do you like me? Check Yes, No, or Maybe”?

The main event felt like it never got into second gear. New music for Strong sounded like something a dad would play to his kids to show them that he can still rock.

Can’t wait for next week which I am sure will be a much better episode.

Sounds like an unpopular opinion but I actually kinda enjoyed the therapy sessions with frustrated dad Johnny and Indi gushing over Lumis. But maybe didn’t have to be so spread out all night that I do agree.

Intrigued by the finish to the tag title match and to hear what Regal’s announcement is next week. In good news, Grimes kept the new song! And got a win.

Roddy’s shirt though.
L…A… Knight (we let him talk to us)

Finn-Rod was fire.

Next week’s show looks rather big to say the least.

PS- Simply put, Regal vs Pearce…book it.

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Opener was solid. Interested to see what’s going to happen with Thatcher and Imperium.

The Way segments were ok but the most important thing is that we got Braden’s Therapy Office out of it.

Shoutout Aaliyah from The 6!

Team Kick deserved better. Nia sucks but she always has so no surprise.

Swerve is really doing some work over the past few weeks. Loving it.

LA Knight. That man knows how to do a promo.

Grimes theme is so good!

Roddy Balor brought it in the main event. Very good match.

Overall solid show and really looking forward to next week’s stacked card.

Matty B out