FEEDBACK: upNXT 30th January 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here askimg for your feedback for tonight’s NXT!

Hey you two!

First things first I want to apologize for how cynical I sounded during my feedback for TakeOver, specifically during the War Raiders match. I said something along the lines of “no matter what they do, I can’t get behind them” When they really went out there and did a great match. I think it’s more of the lines of the characters and how they’re translating to NXT thats a major turn off to me. I know people say Raymond Rowe is the star of the two, but I see more in Hanson personally

Nothing much to say about this show as it was just the hangover, but noting a few things. The Sky Pirates, especially Kairi, we’re very over to the Phoenix audience and it makes me sad she had such a short reign. Their match against Jessamyntal and Marinara Sauce was fine, but I felt like Io and Kairi’s tag team work was a lot more fluid than their match on NXT TV the other week.

I’d just rather not talk about the Forgotten Sons. I kind of hope they stay forgotten.

Once question for you two before I head out, do you think Kairi is going to stay in NXT long enough to do the Io match. If so, what kind of build do you think they’ll have? I’m personally thinking Io will be the one to beat Shayna and Kairi’s NXT send-off is probably going to be the SummerSlam TakeOver against Io for the title.

Charbel from Victoriaville !

Kacey/Ricochet omg that’s the power couple of the wwe … there a couple so why Wwe is not using that af … plz nxt mix tag match vs Candice and gargano

Seriously Kairi and io should be in the elimination chamber for smack down or the chase at wm35

I’m leaving with just that for feedback and just wanna say that I can’t believe that Davie chose baszler over Kairi … I still can’t believe it … what a shitty heel move … :slight_smile:

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Harry from Houston,

I’m gonna come out and say I had no interest in watching this show, but I did want to say that they pretty much had no excuse not to put on a better one. Adam Cole, velveteen dream, Keith lee, dominik-whatever his last name is, and I’m sure more that I can’t think of right now, are all sitting in the back and instead of those guys we get the 2 horsewomen whose names I don’t even remember and frankly don’t want to and the forgotten sons. Ever since that gargano vs Dunne match this has pretty much been the case for hangover shows however, and I think with all of the people you left off this takeover you could have easily fixed the feeling of having a nothing show after takeover, but these two matches are the least interesting yet.

On the other hand halftime heat this sunday 100% has my interest. This is the first time Gargano/Ciampa are going to officially team up on TV, which is huge when you think about it. I think there might be a huge angle here and I have very high expectations for this match.

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DavidGeorge91 from Manila PH:

Hi Besties,

First of all congratulations to War Machine/War Raider for an outstanding effort against the Undisputed Era to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions. Your prediction is certainly came true sir @TheBrayD. I hope their reign as champions will it not end up in a train wreck (WWE creative) in weeks to come.

The Jumping Bomb Angels 2.0 (Kairi and Shirai) should be the top pick in the chamber match, good match btw :+1::blush:. But since they are still in NXT roster, what’s in store for them :thinking:? Only time will tell :blush:.

Oh no the Forgotten Sons of Anarchy, *smh, there is an old saying: “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”


Who’s next in line for the North American and the NXT title match :thinking:?

Will Pete Dunne called up to the main roster :thinking:?

Who will be your top pick NXT wrestlers to be called up?

God bless and More power to both of you my friends :wink:

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I forget a lot of the time to reply to the upNXT feedback, but my girlfriend pointed out something. We were watching NXT and she talked about the gear of the Street Profits, in particular, Angelo Dawkins. I know we all get after Kassius Ohno for his awful gear, but literally, this gear makes it look like his boobs are sagging out of his top. It’s bad gear, but at least Montez can wear this gear. I don’t mean to be all WH Park, but this is the early contender for worst gear of the year. It’s like Angelo is wearing a bra with no cups. If the bodysuits were the other way around, they would look normal.

I’m going back to edit this and apparently the gear is based on Harlem Heat. The problem was, they had big meaty pecs. If guys are talented, their look isn’t that important but people should wear what makes them look good.

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So sad to see the Street Profits run end… wait, they were on a run? Not likely. It’s a shame too, because the have sooooo much swag and sweet hops that you’d think they’d clock more wins. That flip was Space Jam official. That being said, if the Forgotten Sons lost here, they would officially be the 2nd shittest Biker club, just behind those Bikers in Quebec who got busted for their illegal maple syrup smuggling operation. Also, there is no way in Aunt Jemima’s sugar shack, that the street profits should ever win wearing those god-awful outfits. The red cup crowd was cool. It would be sweet if that became a thing. I was also 90% sure no one on here would give you guys a Profits rant, so voilà.

Side note. If you had 1 Friday night (March 8th) in London to yourself before meeting up with mates the next day, what would you do? I couldn’t seem to track down any UK Rasslin’ shows, so I’m looking for ideas.

You guys da best. Love the show!

Mat from RI
Long time, 2nd time.

Hi guys, not much to talk about tonight. I will say that Kairi and Io should be in the Elimination Chamber match, but won’t. And that Duke/Shafir are pretty much the female version of the B-Team (or J&J Security) at this point.

And I agree with everyone else in that The Forgotten Sons are not memorable at all, and I sorta wish they weren’t on TV, because it takes time away from other teams.

Jalen from Pickering,

The Forgotten Sons must be a rib, there’s no way you give a group that name when they’re this genuinely forgettable. Street Profits feel like they’re gonna be in that Heavy Machinery spot and just get called up eventually. And I agree with everyone else, Io and Kairi should be in the tag title match. Stay warm, enjoy your week, and avoid spoilers. Cheers!