FEEDBACK: upNXT 31st July 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT featuring Bronson Reed vs Cameron Grimes in the Breakout Tournament Semi-Final and Pete Dunne vs Roderick Strong…and possibly Mia Yim attempting homicide!

Somewhere, BrayD is really happy over Io making it to the Takeover card.

Never forget Candice LeRae though, she gonna die. But to be serious for a moment, I see Io winning this match (maybe you guys disagree), because Io needs a win a***HELL*** of a lot more than Candice does, even putting my blatant bias towards Shirai aside. I also see Mia beating Shayna, but only because I see her as a transitional champion (Mia beats Shayna, Io beats Mia). I feel like NXT would be absolutely stupid to have Candice go over Io right now in any circumstance. It would absolutely destroy Io’s heel turn.

strong is awsome , I’m sad that he is a heel ! I think he wrestles like a baby face !

I want your take on this “ What dose undisputed era need to do to be baby faces , they would make probably more merch money and would be even more over , what is Wwe waiting for ?

Shirai gets me high !
Shayna gets me higher ! ( tonight she was sex af and I never looked at her that way , her slayer T shirt got me ) make me tap girl !
Candice gets me lit
Conti gets me horny

Eva from London

Seriously though positives:

  1. Great main event with Strong and Dunne. Loved the spot at the end where Dunne hit the bitter end to velveteen
  2. TWO Womens Matches on Takeover during the 5 match per show era? Bravo. Io and Candice fans get worthy blowoff to feud and with the talent involved i have faith Baszler and Yim will make up for their lacklustre build.
  3. I forget how great it is getting an entire crowd singing Fandangos theme

1.breakout tournament match was boring, i was looking down at my phone when finish happened.
2. No pull apart Brawl between Baszler and Yim. This feud really needed heat and Shayna started it off well with a good street rat promo. Then Yim came down and was just posturing. Seriously Shayna, she beat up two of your closest friends. Slug her in the face next time
3. Breeze and Ryker was a waste of tv time
Question: now that we know both women’s matches will be in Toronto which one should get the most time at takeover?
Thanks again keep up the good work dudes

Andrew from Cape Breton

Riff raff. Street rat. I don’t buy that. If only Shayna looked closer. Would she see a poor girl, no sir-ee. She’d find out there’s so much more, to Mia.

What sucks is I might end up missing Takeover due to work. I like Tyler Breeze but he definitely looks like he doesn’t care anymore. Fandango for instance looked great but I wish Tyler Breeze wouldn’t be half pregnant with his gimmick. Question. Is there anyone on earth named Jaxson? There are literally people named Gunner.

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So Tyler Breeze is announced as coming from his “seasonal residence” in Palm Springs. Excuse me, “seasonal”? It’s summer here in California, and the daily highs in Palm Springs are over 100F. No one who is so rich that they can have multiple residences, for seasons, are going to reside in Palm Springs in >>summer<<.

That might sound too trivial, but it’s stupid little things like this (nonsensical verbiage) which is why NXT seems to be coming apart as a show. Overall, ever since the last time Vince decided to raid NXT talent, the NXT show has felt a bit undone, as if someone in the back doesn’t care as much about the little things anymore. Do you agree with me that NXT weekly shows since Wrestlemania have not been as good as the ones before this year’s WM?

The match itself, Ryker vs. Breeze, felt to me like it should be on Superstars (does WWE still make that show?) instead of NXT. It was fun to see Fandango again, who was underutilized by Vince McMahon (because Vince pigeonholes everyone so quickly), but why (again) are Fandango and Breeze in a developmental organization??

Two guys who should be in developmental are Bronson Reed and Cameron Grimes. While neither are technically beginners, both need to perfect their characters. I like the intensity of both mens’ work in the ring, and even though the NXT crowd wasn’t with them I wander if that may be more due to the show taping and crowd burnout. Hoping both guys get more attention in the future.

Mia’s character is too affected; it now seems almost like a caricature.

William Regal is my hero - Io vs. Candice is a Christmas gift in August.

Wrestling shows are better with Pete Dunne.

Ahoy! (Where, oh where, did my little pirate go?:disappointed:)

Dude WTF ?:laughing:

Hi Braden and Davie.

So I was just wondering where your at when it comes to recording podcasts? Are you at your limit? Would you like to do a bit more? or a perhaps a little less? Me personally I would actually like to see you two throw your names in the hat for some of the AEW review shows.

Ange from Cali,

very happy for Candice to finally break away from being just johnnys wife and finally can show her greatness in the ring. Is it just me or is it lookin like Roddy is going to win the title after looking like a fool the past 2 weeks? Are they going to pair Stokley Hathaway with whoever wins this tournament? You guys are the best thank you.