FEEDBACK: upNXT 5/9/18

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Jesse from the 6

Did Mauro call Dakota Kai “the kinky Kiwi”??? I swear he did.
If so, that would be quite the departure from her current character.
Or maybe not. Maybe this whole angle with Baszler will evolve into a dom/sub thing. I’m into it.

I was also into War Raiders vs. Heavy Machinery. Just four big, meaty hosses doing things that big, meaty hosses couldn’t do at any other point in wrestling history. I thought Heavy Machinery would get a bit more shine, but I don’t mind too much. I’d like it if they pushed War Raiders as two athletic monsters who just kill all their opponents in under five minutes.

How do you see Undisputed Era vs. Dunne/Birch/Lorcan playing out? I hope they pin Birch or Lorcan and then Dunne just kicks the crap out of his loser partners and subsequently re-forms British Strong Style.

Take Care

P.S. I’m pretty sure I was there the night you two met. It’s wonderful to see what started off as John Pollock pawning off some strange, drunken Brit on Braden (the friendliest member of the Post Wrestling family), turn into a great friendship and podcasting partnership. Keep up the good work.

Alex K from TO

This episode went by very fast but covered a lot of ground.

The war of words between Velveteen Dream and Ricochet was great and I am interested in the match. I do love how both these guys decided the North American championship was beneath them and moved on to the NXT championship.

I keep wondering why they kept Nikki Cross down in NXT and as much as people think she was kept just to feud with Shayna Baszler I wonder if she was kept to join with Tommaso Ciampa and face Candice and Johnny Gargano. What do you guys think?

Jalen from Pickering,

I wanna see Ciampa with the Infinity Gauntlet. He’d do a lot more than that softie, Thanos. NXT continues to fire on all cylinders. Somehow managing to deliver a satisfying show while simultaneously building to the next 2 week’s episodes PLUS Takeover.

JT from Manchester, UK

Dolph Ziggler needs to take notes from Tomato Chomper when it comes not having walk out music. No record scratch is better than a record scratch. Unfortunately, when the worlds most nonthreatening uncle who likes basketball just a little bit too much arrived, I stopped caring. Thankfully the match itself dragged me back in and I think it might actually be the best Ohno match since he returned to NXT. Thanks Ciampa.

As a PROGRESS fan I’ve been hoping along with you guys that British Strong Style would be forming ranks in NXT to take out Undisputed but that’s looking less and less likely, especially with the recent injury to Tyler Bate in the Super Strong Style 16 tournament. It’s a shame, but I’m glad that Lorcan and Burch are getting some focus because I love both guys. Looking forward to the match next week.

Talking of PROGRESS, Zack Gibson signed a WWE UK deal a couple of months ago and not many people seem to have got overly excited about it. I adore Liverpool’s Numbah Wun and can’t wait to see him appearing on WWE TV and getting the recognition he deserves. Did you guys hear about his signing just before Mania and do you think he’ll do well on NXT and in the WWE UK division?

Heavy Machinery vs War Raiders is everything I miss about 1996 WCW.

Also, Shayna Baszler has the best music in WWE, and might be the most convincing bad ass heel in WWE.