FEEDBACK: upNXT 7th November

Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback from tonight’s NXT and 205!

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Mia Yim, Head Bitch in Charge (respectfully of course. I thought she was going to say that)! Brolee should win dusty cup and you know I love OHNo. I can’t wait for that match. OhNo v the BRO

Chris from Australia.

NXT: Happy to see Heavy Machinery get a win over Aces and Eights, uh I mean Forgotten Sons. #TeamKick captain Dakoda Kai has another great showing, is she a future NXT Women’s Champion? And 5-Star Lars strikes again.

205 Live: TJP wearing one of the Lucha House Party’s mask during the entrance is old school heel heat. Mike Kanellis looks shredded now at 205lb. The finish was a page out of the great Luchador Mil Máscaras.

NXT UK: Dunne vs Burch for the UK Championship was a great TV match. Toni Storm vs Dakota Kai and Amir Jordan vs Zack Gibson were both good matches.

Finally this will be my last time leaving feedback for a while as my WWE Network subscription ends this weekend and I just can’t justify renewing it after Crown Jewel. Thanks for the great show, Hello & Ahoy!

LONG TIME, FIRST TIME! James from London!

Heavy Machinery match was good, these guys need to be pushed. Dakota Kai’s kicks look awesome, surely she’s next for Shayna? Lars is the GOAT! Just make him universal champion now. Keep up the great work! :v:t2:

Cno Evil from Yonkers

Since I’m not sure if you guys saw the NXT UK episodes this week, I figured I’d give some feedback on those: This new trio of Wolfgang and The Coffey Brothers seems to be a force to wreckon with and I would love for them to go head to head with British Strong Style, Sanity and The Undisputed Era down the line. Eddie Dennis has an intriguing look, he’s like if you mixed Johnny Gargano and Luke Harper into one person. Some OG NXT matches as well, Pete Dunne and Danny Burch was really damn good , and Toni Storm and Dakota Kai had a nice showcase as well. Looks like the NXT UK Women’s Tournament will start next week and should be fun. Zack Gibson and Amir Jordan was a quick but good match, and this Gibson and Trent Seven feud sounds great, but Davie, maybe you can shed light on what this ‘put your shoe up’ for Gibson thing means?

I know it’s a long shot, but how awesome would a NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live Survivor Series match be, or can you see them do a mash-up Takeover or WWE Network special down the road, even with the EVOLVE guys if possible.

I will be going to Evolve next month in New York so expect a full report. Now that Kassius Ohno, Dan Matha, Mustafa Ali, Street Profits, Adrian Jaoude, Fabian Aichner and Jessie Elaban have all gone there, who else could you see benefit doing some EVOLVE shows?

Jalen from Pickering,

Holy pop up world’s strongest slam! Otis is a little NXT gem. Velveteen has all the drip! The man managed to make a captain’s hat and a shiny bath robe look great.
And I’m already enjoying justified, but slightly delusional tweener Gargano. I don’t know how you come up with a finish for his match with Black. And I don’t know how you get him back to being the top babyface. But that’s NXT’s job to figure out, and mine to enjoy watching.

NXT : Very good opening match. I was really surprised as I was ready to skip it. Glad to see Taynara Cutie. Her strength is definitely those facial expressions. I just hope they don’t make a triple threat for the NXT championship. A straight Velveteen vs Ciampa match could be gold.

Sidenote : I am watching NXT vs WWE on Upupdowndown. They are learning how to play League of Legends with top players and then they will face each other. I love upupdowndown.

First time leaving feedback, but I have a question regarding the NXT Women’s Championship 2 out of 3 falls match set for War Games. It’s looking like it will be the end of their rivalry, but I have no idea who will win.

My brain tells me Shayna will win, but at the same time my heart says her winning seems like a really bad idea for the health of the division since outside of Kairi, there are no credible babyfaces left to oppose Shayna. They are clearly still building up Lacey and Bianca as clear cut heels (and I think Bianca is probably having a match against Mia next week and winning to further her streak).

Dakota seems more involved in NXT UK right now, Nikki Cross seems like she may be getting the callup soon (she debuted on Smackdown this week). And Candice LaRae seems to be turning along with her husband. And people like Io have yet to debut.

Do you guys personally think it would be a good idea to put the title back on Kairi? Because I feel like it would be better for the health of the division since Shayna’s already leveled every other babyface, and the NXT Women’s Division is weighted heavily towards the heels right now. If Shayna wins, I don’t think there will be anyone left to oppose her. Or rather, anyone with any credibility.

Sorry for how long this was. Generally if I provide feedback on something, I get long winded.