FEEDBACK: upNXT April 20th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s episode of WWE NXT featuring the in ring debut of Sarray, KUSHIDA issues an open challenge for his North American Championship and Kyle O’Reilly takes on Cameron Grimes!

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Mike DaCosta from Massachusetts,

New logo, new theme! The new opening theme from Poppy adds a freshness to the show. Another good solid episode tonight setting up some up coming feuds.

Kyles opening promo was a little strange for me. Seemed to be a little scripted, awkward and unauthentic. I’m fan of focused serious Kyle not this new “cool” Kyle. Grimes was entertaining as always. Star of the show for me!

So glad Io is sticking around for now with what looks to be the start of a new feud with Frankie and establishing her title rematch. Io screaming in Japanese is epic! I like both dogs and cats for the record!

I have changed my mind when it come to the InDex story line. They got me invested now! Will this be the start of Indi leaving The Way? Did Hartwell legit fall down or was that part of the act?

Sarray debut was excellent! Starks and Sarray both brought it with a hard hitting match. Sarray is a future Nxt champion showing sooo much promise!

Kushida, Oney was what I thought It would be. A stiff fight! Looks like Santos is remaining a heel which is what I prefer.

I liked Mercedes driving the wedge between Raquel and Dakota. This should start the begining of the enviable split.

Oriley and Grimmes was a solid match but forgettable in the long run.

I give this episode NXT 7 Cameron Grimmes NFTs out of 10.

Happy Tuesday! Hope Kyle reconsiders that Grimes offer, he could have taken him to the moon stacking that money. But cool to see those 2 main event. Nice debut for Sarray, as Stark continues to hold her own and it looks like she has her first feud brewing with Toni. Shoutout KUSHIDA. Looking forward to that 6 man tag with KUSHIDA and MSK vs LDF next week. Shoutout Io ,shoutout cats and dogs. Raquel vs Mercedes should be great.

Have to wonder what Tian Sha is up to (hopefully getting shirt designs cleared with WWE shop)

In-Dex forever.

Suren [from Portland]

Tonight, Kool Kyle has truly solidified himself as a fashion icon.
I’m trying to give his new theme a chance but I just can’t get into it.
Kyle vs Cole should have been a “Winner Gets the UE Theme Music” match.

It was nice to get confirmation that Io is sticking around. I hope to never see her doing karaoke on the main roster.

Sarray’s NXT debut was solid but I feel like they were really overhyping her every time they mentioned her name. I’d rather have them lower expectations and let the performer overdeliver but what do I know?

I may be in the minority but I really love all of the The Way segments [despite the obvious issues with Theory] their comedic timing is consistently great and they always make me laugh out loud.

Thanks for all you guys do, Mortal Kombat review was fire and I always pop when y’all mention my Grimes halloween costume. :tophat: :briefs:

Happy 420!
A new work schedule and a new night for NXT now means I can watch live AND get paid for it. My clients enjoy it as well so it’s winning all around.

If Sarray brings it like she did tonight, it’s gonna be Sarray is BAE!

Gotta appreciate Oney lighting up The Kush like he did with those chops on tonight of all nights.
Speaking of Kushida, MSKush will be fun to see against anyone, but does it seem to anyone else that MSK has been getting quite a lot of boos lately?

I’m not sure how I feel about Cool Kyle yet. UE Kyle’s coolness seemed more natural. Now he feels kind of manufactured. It’s got that WWE feel to it now. Either way I cant wait to see where he goes now. Opening AND closing the show? Kinda made me forgot Kross was champ, and this is coming from a total Kross fan.

Hot-shotting matches are a thing of the past. NXT has the luxury of taking their time with booking high-profile matches on their new Tuesday timeslot. I’m relieved that Io Shirai is sticking around for the time being. Sarray got a very good introduction against Zoey Stark and the Lumis/Indi romance is hilarious. It’s further proof of NXT being light years ahead of Raw and SmackDown with their women’s roster.

Kushida/Lorcan was solid. Kyle O’Reilly continued his ascent and the staredown with Karrion Kross was stellar foreshadowing. I hope they save it for much later because it needs to be a big deal when Kyle wins (on the first attempt, hopefully)

Is Cameron Grimes on a collision course with Ted DiBiase?

Hiya! Won’t be able to post much tonight as my internet is completely down!

  • Is Raquel supposed to be a face or a heel? Because she flip flops constantly between the alignments and it showed tonight. And not in a good way. I was getting mixed signals at times.

  • Sarray’s debut was great. Her suplexes are better than Kross’s stuff, especially considering her size.

  • Io sticking around in NXT is an interesting choice but I can see her working her way back to (and eventually winning) the title back if she isn’t getting called up at all.

I hope they find a direction with Raquel and stick with it. It’s the issue I’ve had with the Young Bucks lately (unrelated, I know)

DK would benefit for a face turn.