FEEDBACK: upNXT January 22nd 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT (not on a boat) featuring the semi-finals of the Dusty Classic and Keith Lee vs Roderick Strong for the North American Championship.

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Eva from London
Random Baszler Fact: Roxanne Modaferri, who defeated Maycee Barber on the UFC PPV last Saturday, lost to Baszler back in 2006, and the two have been close friends since.

Two great tag matches, Toni and Io underwhelmed (because of the weird finish) Shayna Shotzi was alright, and the main event of Mr. Yim vs Mr. Shafir delivered as expected with the unexpected of the former undraping the prophecy. Holy F that chop from Walter

With Shayna saying she isn’t going anywhere and aims to become Shayna 3 Time, is this all a swerve to make her rumble win more of a surprise and she is leaving NXT after all, is she going to pull double duty on both NXT and Raw for awhile, is she going to challenge the NXT champ at Mania, or is Shayna not winning/appearing in the Rumble this year?
Keep up the great work BrayD and Davie, looking forward to your Return of the Jedi review
PS saying last Week Ronda should win the Rumble instead of Shayna? Shame -throws New Day Pancakes in your faces-


Keith Lee is the new NXT North American Champion hell yeah!!!

Toni vs Io was a rough match, because it felt like Toni was incredibly sloppy or lazy. Io tried to carry the match, but was dragged down as well. At least it ended in fuckery (neither woman should have lost there). That being said, despite Toni Storm being a face, she got nuclear heat for laying out Io after the match. Probably the most of the night. But I do think a problem with Toni is that she’s been very poor in the ring ever since joining WWE. She’s fine on the indies, but in WWE she just phones it in and makes everyone look bad.

Shayna saying she isn’t going anywhere is obviously a smokescreen. A very poor one, but still.

Question of the Week: You hear about Asuka being at that mall shooting? Scary stuff.

Also Deonna attacked Shotzi backstage after the show.

Jake from The Windy City

All I have to say is ANNNNDDDDDD NEWWWWWWW! Keith Lee, Woop Woop! Looks like he won’t be in the Royal Rumble after all, but I’m just sooo happy that he is having this moment.

And the closing segment, I though that we couldn’t get a bigger and better build to Worlds Collide than tonite. I could hear that WALTER edge chop all the way from Illinois, that was brutal. I’ve seen and heard some hard chops in 15+ years of watching wrestling, but DAMN!

After a disappointing first week, the rest of the Dusty Classic has provided for some entertaining in-ring matches. This show also didn’t neglect it’s promo packages either. Great show overall as usual.

Cheerio, Lads! Catch ya later!

Good evening NXT Friends, FRIENDS, friends…

First time in a long time… Great show tonight and enjoyed it all especially the Riddle & Dunne promo. Riddle’s gonna smoke you had me laughing. I love the Full Sail crowd. Over the past weeks, I’ve been listening, but not posting, so I have some things to say…

Loved the Dijakovich grunts in between the Patreon names…

Chelsea Green now solidifies that the last season of Tough Enough was the most successful bringing us Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Velveteen Dream, Chelsea, and even Raquel, formerly from Impact Wrestling, was from that same season.

Damien Priest being a vampire is most likely a thing because even the beginning of his entrance video says in fire, “Live Forever,” which he’s said in a promo before and his kinda what vampires do. I don’t mind seeing Vin Diesel as Blade.

I’ll leave you with this… I hope Dunne and Riddle win the Dusty Classic because I want to see Dunne come out trying to hold the Dusty Cup in his teeth like he does title belts.

Enjoy the rest of your night, guys!

Hugh from Melbourne here.
Another very solid show tonight. Great crowd reaction to the Grizzled Young Veterans, it’s nice to have heels with real heel heat unlike the cool dudes Era and the zero heat Forgotten Sons. Both semi finals were great fun and so were the promos afterwards. Maybe the UK teams could stick around for a while to fill in the division until more teams are TV ready.
Toni Storm’s had a couple of years to adapt to the WWE style and it’s still not clicking for me. Maybe she’s one of the talents who will do better on the main roster like Elias.
Ilja Dragunov’s promo was excellent but he probably should have had a match so the US audience can see him live. It’s gonna suck at Worlds Collide when Ilja does the pointing thing in the corner and no-one chants UNBESEIGBAR with him. At least it should still be a great match.
Shotzi Blackheart looked great against Shayna even in defeat and I can see her and Chelsea Green being major players after the post Mania call-ups - my guesses are Bianca Belair, Mia Yim, Toni Storm and Shayna Baszler moving on.
Seriously didn’t see that title change coming! So now I think WALTER pins Roddy at Worlds Collide, then he loses his rematch at Takeover before getting kicked out of the Era.
Keep up the good work lads!

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DavidGeorge91 from ManilaPH,

It’s been a while BFF’s, I missed you, anyway here is my super quick review:

This is a good stress-reliever type episode, but a must watch nonetheless (that includes the main event), no question about it :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:. I hope that there will be more NXT surprises in the Rumble this sunday :+1: :wink:


*Who’s are your personal pick’s to be the winner on both the Royal Rumble and World’s Collide :slightly_smiling_face:?

*Are there any chances that Shelton Benjamin be a champion (at least a 24/7 title should do) anytime soon :thinking: :thinking:.

Keep up the great work sir BrayD and sir Davie, take care and God bless :wink:.


My boys , what up doe!

Ok just gonna say besides DJZ’s weird ass outfit tonight’s show was a BBBANGER , but no really wat the hell was that do better. The title switch was great Super happy for Keith lee bringing big lad wrestling back baby!

Side note is Angel Garza just Juandissimo from fairly odd parents?

Anyway great show , 8 out of 10 Walter chops, Btw Adam Cole is the sale god


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Alexander from Portland.

Fuck, I was really hoping we’d see Keith Lee win the strap at TakeOver: Portland. I’ll gladly settle for the Broserweights taking the tag straps then, Dunne was one of the most over talents at the house show here a few months back.

Question: what current NXT talent do you see having prominent matches at WrestleMania? Besides Shayna, I can’t imagine anyone getting called up for a big match.

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