FEEDBACK: upNXT May 1st 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here to chat all about this week’s edition of NXT including the debut of KUSHIDA!

Jake from The Windy City

I gotta say Mansoor really impressed me tonight against Dijak. I remember seeing him in a segment at one of the Saudi shows last year, and he was also great on the microphone. Curious to see if we will see more of him.

It’s cool that Kushida is a part of NXT, but him against Ohno was not the best debut for him as I would have hoped. I like ugly brawls, but this was more of an ugly style indie match. I hope he gets to have matches with Kyle O’Reilly however, as I love their matches from the Best of the Super Juniors tournaments back then.

Looking forward to your reactions to Jar Jar on the Episode I review.

P.S. Davie, your thoughts on the Premier League or the Champions League as of right now?

Paul from New Jersey

Dream Vs. Dijokovic is a feud I’m looking forward to.

Nobody knocks the microphone out of Cathy Kelley’s hand and gets away with it.


Cool getting to see Kushida, but I found this to be a pretty pedestrian episode.

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Jesse from the 6

Feedback: The KUSHIDA Edition

Braden, as a fellow Back to the Future enthusiast, what did you think of the myriad references to the film with regards to KUSHIDA? I loved it, but I can only imagine how confused a viewer who was not previously familiar with the character would be.

What do you make of KUSHIDA’s baseball pitch punch? It’s obviously something he’ll continue to do, but it might be difficult to get that over in North America. In Japan, punches are illegal, so when KUSHIDA would build up to it and commit this indiscretion, the audience would routinely pop. Over here? We’ll see.

All in all, I think a great debut. I don’t love his music tho. I was hoping for something that slaps a bit harder y’know?

Last question: What will Vince shorten his name to when he’s eventually called up? I hope he calls him “KUSH” and nobody tells Vince what that means.

Take Care

ElGenericoSi from chilling

Hello Brendan and Davie

Overall this was a good episode with fine matches except for the alzheimer childs who always find a way to bore me

but the promo of Velvetina dream was the best and i know daddy h’s don’t want to let him go to the dark kingdom of vincent.

I never enjoyed Kushida in NJPW but he makes his opponents look like stars a solid veteran hand.

:guitar::guitar::guitar: kyle’s guitars
have a great weekend, enjoy your empanadas and watch #endgame :smiley:

Ari from Montreal
Its hard to believe that when i first saw Dream i was not sold one bit…man is he something. His segment might be my favorite moment this year hahah
Ive been only been following NJPW for 3 years and it felt like a dream seeying Kushida in NXT, i cant imagine how it is for someone who has been following him for years.
Is there a reason why Undisputed era always has stickers on their shirts? And why does Fish have 2 stickers? Haha
Question: Will number 1 and number 2 ever get another shot of the NXT tag titles? Cuz their too good to lose to the forgotten sons…man do i not like them.

Brandon Frm NJ

My dearest Second Cup Coffee Company

Hey hi how are things? Been a pleasure following from afar, it’s me yeah I know hold the applause please thank you unnecessary. Come on come on I’m not Jay Baruchel settle down. Great episode of NXT I had some issues thought and I’ll be quick and succinct but I was very sports entertained


-What is the mission statement of the forgotten sons? Are they some Arian brother hood we aren’t aware of? The budding rivalry between Carrillo/Ryker is interesting.

-That bump from Mansour made Me sore

-how do you feel about Ontario setting up subway upload registration this week? Very curious on this outcome

-who would you feud Kusheeda with going forward and what are your thoughts on Prince Pretty Tyler breeze back in NXT.

-man am I impressed with how Velvatine Dream is making that North American title feel so damn important. That’s key for whenever he gets called up. Thoughts

I’m out of here peace

Andrew from chino cali,

Kushida and Kush was a great way to spend my wednesday night. They are really putting kushida over as a big star.
What do you guys think of paige being paired with Kairi and Asuka?
And davie were you happy with Arya being the night king slayer and were you affected by the darkness in the episode? Thanks guys, I love Post wrestling 3000

I hope they do the feud between Cathy and Shayna properly.

Spoiler: At Takeover, microphone on a pole match.

Patrick from Toronto.

Not a bad episode this week. Mansur impressed me in his match and I look forward to the Dijokovic / Dream feud. Should be a banger.

It was surreal seeing KUSHIDA in NXT. I wasn’t too impressed with his entrance music, eh maybe it will grow on me…

The match itself vs. Ohno was okay, nothing too special. Hope they continue to push him as a big star like they made him seem tonight.

Have a great weekend boys and all the best!!! Bleeeessssss

Vince you’ve done it again!