FEEDBACK upNXT: May 20th 2020

Allo, allo, allo. Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT. Braden and I will be going LIVE on YouTube at 10:30 for a brand new episode of “upNXT”

Paul from New Jersey

-That Shotzi Blackheart promo was bottom of the barrel cringe. I’m sure some people liked it(BRAYD), but I thought it TANKED. Hope Dakota kicks the color out of Blackhest’s hair

-Santana Garrett is super underrated and I hope she gets a push one of these days.

-Johnny Gargano singing Mia Yim’s theme was really funny.

-Kona Reeves is a one time WXW

YouTube chat notes

googled shark girl. Don’t know if it was what you were talking about, but it certainly was interesting.

definitely want a Darkside of the ring for the Rockers. There’s so much story to tell. Both were considered even if not Marty being better initially. From there, one goes on to be the greatest in ring performer of all time, and the other is a tagteam punchline. There is so much there.

stoked for scream 5. Since they can’t make fun of reboots again, perhaps our two new killers can only go after former WCW champions. They wouldn’t have to go too far. Great work guys.

Hiya! Not much to say tonight as I gotta jet early on.

  • Never let Shotzi cut a promo again if that’s what we are getting going forward.

  • Rhea came off like a trash talking heel tonight. I legitimately think she spent more time trash talking to Io than trying to beat her.

  • Io Shirai did as well, but at least she was spending less time trash talking and more time trying to win. Also her new tron is great.

  • Charlotte Flair falling for the oldest trick in the book of taking out both women. She should know by now that Regal will just make her defend it in a triple threat match. That being said, it feels like Io got screwed over again when the momentum was in her favor during this match. Hopefully it actually leads to something at Takeover.

Question of the week: Is BrayD going to serenade the podcast with his sweet ass remix of Kairi’s tune from Monday?

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My boys!


Man i love killer cross’s intro , an the cold open right into it was a really dope twist. Kinda bummed to see Tozawa lose, I really wanted him to face off with kushida for the belt , but could we really trust wwe to book a tournament the right way.? Am I fool for getting my hopes up? Anyway thumbs in the middle show tonight. Am I the only one done with Charlotte as NXT champ? I don’t want to see a three way for the belt, i just want io as champ because shirai…Gets!! me!! high!

Cheers bro’s