FEEDBACK upNXT MOVIE REVIEW: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

Ello, ello, ello. Davie Portman here requesting your feedback for the 1995 Classic - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

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Hey Davie, Gary from Texas here.

I’ll just start by saying I was 10 when this movie came out and a huge power rangers fan at the time. Although it seemed like I was the only one because power rangers were “for little kids” according to my 10 yr old peers. But that didn’t stop me. I still watched it every day after school and played with the toys all the time. I had a blast mixing up all my toys and having the Power Rangers and GI Joe fight monsters, transformers and evil thundercats.

Suffice to say I loved the movie at the time. And did recently rewatch it when it was randomly on HBO. A few things that still held up:

  1. The soundtrack which introduced me to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Van Halen.
  2. The ranger armor still looks cool and better than the CGI armor of the 2017 PR movie.
  3. Some of the fight scenes were good as they used lots of practical effects in comparison to the bad CGI of the 2017 movie.
  4. Ivan Ozze was a good scene stealing villain with some funny lines.
  5. Amy Joe Johnson was so cute. Definitely my first crush.

What didn’t hold up:

  1. The CGI looks terrible. It didn’t even look that good in 1995 and looks awful today. It really ruins the climatic fight.
  2. Most of the rangers were not good actors. Having bigger production values and new sets didn’t do anything to hide that.
  3. The kid trying to save the adults was really annoying.

Looking forward to your review!

Hey guys, Ventak from Mumbai here. Sorry for the delayed feedback. You guys have already probably recorded this, but thought I would leave my 2 cents.

Back in 2000 or so when I was 6, we had bought a CD Player and gotten like 30 movies with it like Home Alone, Dunston Check in and The Power Rangers movie. Over the next 3 years, me and my siblings would’ve seen the power rangers movie at least 20 times. We would get the fake power rangers action figures out here and enact the movie scenes as the movie played and had tons of fun with. It used to be my favorite movie at the time.

When I heard you guys were reviewing the old movie, I found like a burnt dvd of it in storage and popped it on. Here are a few thoughts I had on the movie

  1. The Characters stood out to me way more than the 2017 remake. They actually seemed like they wanted to be in the movie unlike the 2017 counteparts. Probably just looking at it wearing 5 yr old me goggles.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Freeman as Ivan Ooze. Super freaked out by him on 2000, laughing at his uber corniness in 2018.

  3. The scene where they fight the dinosaurs and the Minotaurs? before they get their bots was still pretty cool to watch.

  4. Kimberly was very cute. I think 6 year old me thought she was pretty lame and was the weakest of the rangers.

  5. Are robotic frogs supposed to be terrifying? That seems a rather odd thing to be scared off. Sure a bear and a wolf and birds can be scary. But a frog? Come on.

  6. The CGI was meh at best and bad at worst.

  7. The acting was not great. Even though they had a decent budget of $15 million in 1995, it really wasn’t great.

All in all, 6 year old me had a blast and 24 year old ironically had one too.

Thanks for the nostalgia trip guys and hope you had as much fun seeing the movie as I did

Andrew from Cape Breton

Oh, the Power Rangers. This movie came out when I was a kid, around 9. During that time, I had been huge into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I would rent the VHS tapes and loved everything about the show when it came out. However, I definitely was one of those fans of the early Rangers who fell off pretty soon after the show started changing characters. Maybe today I could be more understanding of contract issues and changing looks of Rangers, but when they first got rid of Jason, Zack and Trini is when I started losing interest. Funnily enough, it was only years later that I got the racial implications of Zack and Trini being the black and yellow ranger respectively. To me, they were cool kids who I looked up to. Zack for instance seemed as almost an equal to Jason and Trini seemed to be the smart and brave one, where as one time she helped Billy overcome his fear of heights in an early episode. I consider the red, black and yellow rangers in this movie to simply be pretenders. So sadly, this movie was probably my last gasp of fandom in the Power Rangers franchise as a whole. So I guess this is what this movie is for me. A part of my childhood, gone, because of dumb contracts. After that, I only had people like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Razor Ramon to look up to. And even WWF tried to replace Razor Ramon with another pretender, but at least I got to see the man on another channel.

I remember the epicness of this movie kind of ruining the regular series for me. My cousin, one year my junior, had all the new Zords almost as soon as the movie came out and I was pretty envious of him. I didn’t like the music in this film at first, but it grew on me. At first I was like ‘come on’ but then I was like ‘and take a free ride’. This movie gets 4.7 Power Rangers as Regular Teens Having Fun Montages out of 5.

I watched this movie twice, once lit and the other sober and by god it was fucking incredible both times.

Growing up I frothed power rangers stupidly hard, they were my big thing after teenage mutant ninja turtles. I remember seeing the shorts for the film in cinemas during tv commercials and losing my mind. Im pretty sure I saw it twice in cinemas and then a billion times on VHS after that. I haven’t revisited in since and your podcast brought up a great reason to watch again so thank you for the great trip down memory lane. I now live in Sydney so it’s pretty great to see all these spots from the film now on a daily basis.
Few small points:

Vintage super kick spot on the Ooze minion

It’s funny how the red power ranger was the leader but once the original left he took such a big step back.

Ooze reminded me of a purple cowboy Woody Harrelson

Goldar saying to Ooze ‘you think she’s hot too’ about Kimberly had me in stitches.

It’s weird how much little screen time the son and dad have yet they get so over and you pop for when that dad sees his son at the end.

Thanks again for the nostalgia vibes this was a really solid time :heart:

Andre from Edmonton (It still Rhymes)

I way 7 years old when this movie came out. I loved this movie when i was a kid. I was a huge fan of the tv show and a feature was a treat. Now I do really enjoy this movie, but I prefer the Ninja Quest 3 parter from the tv show more for a arc on how they got their Ninja Powers. They had a way better mentor in Ninjor than Dullcia from this movie. I love the armor costumes in the movie but as I watch, i long for the cloth costumes from the tv series. The CGI at the end screams of “look how much money we have now than when the shows are made.” Well they should have spent that money on decent CGI. Overall though, I had a great time looking back at this movie again and its making me wanna go on netflix and watch the tv series again. On another note, I have met 3 of the power ranger actors from this movie, Karan Ashley (Aisha), David Yost (Billy) and most recently Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly. All were awesome to meet but Amy Jo was easily the best to meet. She is arguably everybody’s first crush and I’ve gotten to see her on other great shows like one of my favorites Flashpoint.

Thanks for the great reviews and please keep them up.
You should review Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

I remember thinking that too! And that the Ninjazords in the series with the traditional models and costumes looked better than the CGI versions. Defiantly one of the more memorable MMPR arcs 20 years later.

Nope. As much as I have fond memories for the original movie and series, I also remember hating Turbo even as a kid. I can’t imagine how bad it must be revisiting it now. I wouldn’t do that to Dave and Brayden.

Ari from Montreal
All i can say is Ivan Ooz is the wierdest villain of my childhood, that being said this movie has a place in my heart. The scene where they are fighting the statues always get my blood pumping and i loved their ninja costumes.
Love these reviews keep up the great work!
Montreal loves the BDE

First time long time. Qamshot here from Singapore. My last ever feedback was back when brayden was still with agnew. But have supported everything since the law days. Chose this particular time to post because this movie means a lot to me.

I have to say that brayden is really the Jason David Frank of all of this. Being around in every installment of this podcast.

I know this is not suppose to be a good movie but I loved it since I was a kid. I’m 25 born in 1993. And I was addicted to the movie watching it almost every week when I was a child. We owned the LCD (remember those?) big ass laser disk. I owned all merchandise including a whole white ranger suit. With the sword and also the helmet with built in microphone thing. Not proud to say this but I still own the MMPR blanket and never gonna get rid of it.

Short review. Best scene as a kid, was definitely the construction site fight scene. All I wanted to do growing up was to do a flying side kick and do handsprings instead of walking. Unfortunately I learned about gravity soon after and knew it wasn’t meant to be.

And fun fact, this movie has inspired shinsuke nakamura and Daniel Bryan. Can’t help but think aj styles would have ptsd flashback if he watched this movie.

Qamshot signing off!

Nick from Tempe, AZ here.

I was such a huge Power Rangers fan growing up. I remember when this movie was coming out and one of the ways to get a first look at footage was the release of a the music video of “Trouble” by Shampoo.

It debuted during an animation block on Fox during a new episode of The Simpsons.

daniel from brooklyn.

sometimes, longtime,

there’s evidence that resistance to ivan ooze’s plan was futile. once they were brainwashed, the parents apathy was leading them straight to perdition. thank goodness the Rangers were able to get the ninja power flow and save the day.

is it possible ivan ooze himself wrote the current NXT theme song?

I come forth with a vengeance, escaping my death sentence
True rebel, and I care not if I offend you with my presence
Seeker of my own path, inventor of my own math
Those wanting to destroy me will die slowly in a bloodbath

wow this video is amazing!

Anthony from Melbourne

I believe I was 4 when this come out and I don’t think I could have been any more excited!

As a lifelong fan this movie was amazing to me, the departure from the usual uniforms was something I didn’t understand at the time but thought was really cool. As a small child, I just loved seeing Tommy kick ass, not realising he was not in the spandex in the TV show and it was, in fact, a miss-mash of Japanese and US shot footage.

That being said the movie was enjoyable and for nostalgic reasons I own the Blu-Ray and the first 4 seasons of the TV show on DVD. Having recently watched the 20th anniversary season with my little brother who I introduced to the franchise, I can say despite the corniness of the show, it still holds up significantly better than any of the new seasons. It is especially better compared to the very disappointing 2017 remake which was supposed to have multiple squeals until the Hasbro acquisition.

In terms of the film’s storyline although I really enjoyed Ivan Oze as a villain, I prefer the canon multi-part TV show storyline for the Rangers to obtain their Ninja powers instead. Introducing Rito Revolto was a great long term character I always liked, I think because of his comedic element and having the villains actually developing a decent plan and beating the power rangers.

This was a welcome departure even as a small child from their formulaic, no suit puddy fight, morphin time monster fight, climax to a Zord fight and Victory; although I still may have cried when it happened and Kimberly had to be held back as the Zords fell apart Embarrassed Emoji* but fuck she was hot! haha

Charles in Louisiana

(Holy shit, bruvs! It’s been so long since I’ve left feedback, I forgot how to use the site :sweat_smile: I’ll try to keep this short since Braden has a tendency to skim key details on feedback.)

• I still own my 1995 VHS tape of this movie that I received when I was 6 years old. As a kid, I didn’t like the movie versions of the suits. I understood that it was supposed to be a more realistic, battle-suited version of their more familiar spandex suits, but I found it to be too unfamiliar for me as a kid. That said, I can’t shit on the movie because Power Rangers was my number 1 interest as a kid, so I’ll always look at it with rose-colored glasses.

• Did you guys know that Jason David Frank, who portrayed Tommy in the movie, reprised his role 25 years later during an episode of the most recent incarnation of the series, Power Rangers Ninja Steel? Apparently, he now has something called a “Master Morpher“, which allows him to access all of his previous powers, because of course Tommy has to be OP as fxck.

That sums up Power Rangers so perfectly. It’s absurd. Corny. Action-packed. And I love it.

P.S.: You guys should read and review the recently released graphic novel, Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon. It’s post-modern, middle-aged Tommy trying to get one last hoorah while trying to rescue someone very dear to him. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my wishlist for Christmas. I’ve loved the entire run of Boom Studios Power Rangers comics by Kyle Higgins. I’ve mentioned it a few times in the Comic Books thread as one of the most fun series being published today so it doesn’t surprise me that Soul of the Dragon was great too.