FEEDBACK: upNXT November 11th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of WWE NXT featuring Johnny Gargano putting the North American Championship on the line against Leon Ruff, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan defending their NXT Tag Team Championships against Breezango, Candice LeRae vs Toni Storm…and more!

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I watched NXT first tonight so I could tune in to the YouTube show while I work forever, so I’m dropping some feedback as it has been a minute…

NXT has become a brand with a lot of nice guys, good talents, all kinda killing time before eventually being ruined on the Main Roster and I’m not going to lie, it totally kills the enjoyment of it for me. I loved that cruiserweight match but because I like good wrestling, not because I’m invested in getting behind either guy the way I was in the glory days of Sami, Kevin, Finn, Joe. There are also just WAY too many talents meandering around the roster. Back in the day, programs, feuds, Takeover match, next program, feud, call up. Now it’s like…is Dexter just going to be in NXT doing whatever he does for years? Where exactly is Timothy Thatcher going. How are we in year 4 of Pete Dunne and he’s just, a guy in a stable. I LOVE the Undisputed Era, but their prophecy storyline ended and now they are just still in NXT. The progression that made NXT so unique and exciting in the past has been stripped away and therefore - good wrestling show, but compared to how I used to view the brand, it’s disappointing.

The only talent I feel invested in are the female talents because they are all legit unique characters. I just want the entire show to be the women’s division.


Paul from New Jersey

Fear the wheel. Gargano should have known better. That Shotzi Blackheart promo had some real intentional unintentional comedy in there. I so badly wanted her to bring up HER DAD. I like Indie Heartwell.

This weeks Kona question. If you were booking Kona’s return, what would you do? Who would he feud with?

Sango from Malaysia here.

Just want to send my congratulations to the new NXT North American champion, LEON RUFF.

Always hyped to see fresh faces get involved in big storylines, especially those without much indie cred going into NXT.

The love/hate relationship between Johnny Wrestling and wheels took a turn for the worst. Leon Ruff becoming NA champion evoked Razor/123 Kid vibes. Candice LeRae vs Toni Storm was very good with Indi Hartwell revealing herself to be the ghostface. The Kings of NXT running roughshod over the main event was chaotic

Next week looks to be loaded with Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley facing off and the return of Finn Balor (i hope it’s good news)…Karrion Kross may not be that far behind.

A decent episode.

Hiya! Here is my feedback for tonight’s NXT:

  • MY MAN LEON RUFF. Johnny should have known better than to rig the wheel. On a serious note, I think the title change was also done to put the NA title either on Pat McAfee or Pete Dunne. Something that wouldn’t make sense with Johnny still being the champ.

  • Io Shirai vs Rhea Ripley for the title next week? How surprising. Who do you guys have winning? My money is on Io retaining, if just for the fact that Rhea kinda tipped her hand in a fairly recent interview about wanting to move onto the main roster (and get payback against Charlotte, along with feuding with Asuka, Bayley, and Sasha). And with Survivor Series coming up and Lana being put through tables each week on RAW, I have to imagine whoever loses next week is being called up to replace her, and probably carry Team RAW to victory for the women.

  • Still don’t care about Timothy Thatcher.

  • I hope TUE returns soon, although I could live without Bobby Fish returning due to his…very questionable political leanings and viewpoints.

No “Question of the Week” from me this week!