Feedback: upNXT November 13th 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT!


A poem:

how I cry,
can it be saved,
even by Shirai?

There once was a show,
the one - you know,
where stories were straight
and the wrestling was great.

Then along came Vince,
and now I wince
as enemies band together
just for some Survivor Series feather.

On one night they are enemies,
and the next they are allies,
how can we make sense?
What will be their alibis?

Desire for ratings have made a mess,
for McMahon they must impress.
Go away, Rawª,
Go away, Smackdown.
They stick in my craw,
and make me frown.

Ahoy! (ª If Raw would send a Pirate, that would be ok).

Good evening Gents! Another great episode of NXT. The main event was fantastic but did we have to kill Mia? My word! I honestly wasn’t sure she was going to make it through the match. That’s what the old folks would call doing it HARD WAY. I honestly hope she is ok. 11/13/19 will now be the day I no longer think wrestling is fake. Side note Wrestlemania ticket party was LIT tonight. Jason from Tampa.

Paul from New Jersey

Look, before anybody throws around any wild accusations, Dakota would never attack anyone from behind. Nobody knows what happened. For all we know, it could be a case of food poisoning/savagely being attacked by a dangerous, probably armed assailant. Don’t fry Dakota Kai. When Aliyah came out, I audibly ground, however if they are doing a kick in the face made her ugly angle I am so friggin in. Phantomess of the Full Sail. I also really enjoyed it when Riddle called Finn a Putz for some reason. Love y’all.

Matt from the 604

Real hyped on the NXT Cruiserweight belt and how it’s become relevant again. Where do you guys see the division going and who ends the year as champion?

i watched dynamite live and catching up on nxt now.
i just finished garza vs lio rush.
the match was so good that i already feel nxt is going to win this week.
if i had to nitpick, i didn’t like how angel garza popped up so quickly to argue the ref not catching his foot on the ropes. why didn’t you just pop up like that to kick out.

Please keep Mia Yim in your thoughts and prayers. She committed two grave sins tonight. Pissing off Io Shirai, and also being a dirty cheater with Dakota helping her out.

Seriously, am I supposed to root for Team Rhea? The crowd seemed to like KLR coming out to even the odds (from what I saw and heard), and I just want to say, I would be 100% behind a stable led by Io, composed of KLR and Bianca. That being said, I will give Mia Yim some serious respect for taking that wicked as hell ladder bump.

As an aside, I would love to see a faction led by Io composed of Kay Lee Ray, and Bianca Belair. They looked so natural together posing in the ring.

As for Bayley attacking everyone (I am watching your stream right now), that’s what seems to be the case. She is taking the credit for it on Instagram and Twitter.

Io also tweeted this out (translation courtesy of Karen):

Hugh from Melbourne here. Another fantastic show as usual from the Main Roster! The cruiserweight title match was brilliant, and even though there’s only a week until Takeover I still hope Lio gets a chance to defend the belt there. Maybe against Gulak or hell, even give Garza another shot!
It was great to see our boy Bronson Reed but for fuck’s sake never put THiCC on your gear again. Is it me or have he and Swerve appeared the most of all the midcard guys since the move to USA?
Vanessa Borne tweeted out that Xia Li is the sloppiest person in the locker room but when I watched the clip back it looked like Aliyah got her hands up. Accident or work?
I’m betting we get Dain vs Dunne vs Priest at War Games, maybe even as a number one contender’s match seeing as none of the belts are getting defended.
Who is left that’s a big enough name to join Team Ciampa? Will Gargano or Dream be cleared in time?
Ladder match started slow and then Mia died with that dropkick spot. Then Kay Lee Ray came out, I’ll admit that was a surprise, and Mia died again. Does Dakota take her place? Seems like a weird direction for the story to take.
Keep up the good work boys!

Eva from London, Shayna Superfan for hire
This weeks random shayna baszler fact no one asked for, Shayna’s father Skip (yes his actual name) on a podcast revealed when he took her to her first live wrestling event in the late 80s…it was an AWA card featuring Mr. Perfect

Thoughts on show:
Great Garza Rush Match
Great Strong Lee Match
Great Swerve Reed Match
Very Good Ladder Match

Kay Lee Ray as fourth team Baszler member? Caught me completly off guard but I love it.
Bayley taking out the entire women’s locker room on her own? I like Bayley especially this new heel version but Bayley stealth ninja that just stretches my suspension of disbelief.
Also how does Dakota get her heat back?
Question: we have three matches for WG, what will other two be?
Keep up the good work Bray and Davie

Sango from Malaysia here.

There should be no discrediting Mia Yim after all the bumps she took tonight. Suplexing Io and herself onto a ladder, getting her face busted open, taking a 20 ft drop through another ladder; I need to see her bring more CZW shit to the ring once she recovers.

Keith-Strong fell flat for me. I felt the angle leading up to it flowed weirdly, and the match itself went super slow for my tastes. Seems like the Bálor-Riddle matchup was set up at the last minute; I’m wondering if that Bloody Sunday on the ramp did a legit number on Gargano’s neck.

Garza-Rush, on the other hand, was probably my TV match of the year. Non-stop action from bell to bell, plus some cheeky character work, all in front of a crowd that adores them. Love watching the cruiseweights’ rebirth down at Full Sail.

Side note, Denzel Curry’s Ricky is going to be the theme for TakeOver: War Games 2019. Here’s hoping he does a verse for someone’s entrance at the PPV.

Good night, sleep tight, and protect ya noses.

Nas from NYC (not the rapper)

First of all, just signed up on Patreon. You guys are amazing. I’ve been a Raw/SD guy for years. Go to all live WWE shows in NYC. Didn’t really watch wrestling outside of the main roster in WWE. Only recently picked up on NXT after it moved on to TV.

This show was fantastic. It’s getting better every week. Triple H needs to take over WWE. Like yesterday.

If you have time, please suggest NXT storylines for me go back and watch on the Network. I’m kicking myself for missing out on NXT for all these years. What was I thinking. I even turned down NXT Takeover New York tickets at Mania weekend. Idiot me.