FEEDBACK upNXT: October 7th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s episode of “upNXT” where we will be talking about the October 7th 2020 edition of NXT featuring Finn Balor’s “big announcement”, Tommaso Ciampa vs KUSHIDA and more!

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Paul from New Jersey

Hey guys, split time between NXT & the Yankees shitting the bed. I’m with management, keep the mic far away from Embrr Moon. Glad Io got to talk though. Drake Maverick is the best thing that ever happen to Dane. Maverick can get anything over. Johnny Gargano continues to be hilarious & I’m really glad Indi Hartwell is getting a storyline. I mean she bought the man a television. Australian ladies have hearts of gold.

This weeksKona fact-Kona could absolutely hit a fastball better than shithead Gary Sanchez. I apologize for my outburst just done. Never forget you’re the superior brand.

The fallout from Takeover 31 was a solid outing. Kushida and Ciampa had a good match that undercut by Velveteen Dream. I don’t wanna see this feud continue so soon after how strong Kushida looked on Sunday.

I held my breath (see what I did there?) for Finn Balor’s status coming out of that war with Kyle O’Reilly. The NXT title is staying put.

Indi Hartwell getting on Johnny and Candice’s radar is intriguing. The Toni Storm vignette is a better reintroduction that got her natural charisma across so well. Shotzi Blackheart got the hype train for Halloween Havoc rolling and Ember Moon didn’t lose a step in the main event. 7 eclipses out of 10

Charbel the chosen one

Man ember moon comes back , she starts wearing pants and boom suddenly she as amazing promo skills … what with pants in wrestling

I want and need more drake in my life !! Fuck dain!! The theme song was lit was it one of your beat bray d ?

Can’t wait for Toni to come back !! Fun bde facts … Bray d once dated a girl who look just like Toni storm …well thats what he says because I don’t think Davie is on the same page on that ! Plz sub to the patreon for some lit fire bde garden stuff

Question who’s who in the bde if you would be the garganos ?

Overall, a forgettable episode of NXT.

  • Ember and Rhea cut some pretty abysmal promos. I’m also not sure what Ember’s character is?

  • Io’s backstage promo was short and to the point, and did more to get her over than Ember/Rhea. She was the only winner of that segment. It also places her firmly in a tweener role. She’s basically the Switzerland of champions right now. Remaining completely neutral unless you piss her off.

  • Maverick and Dain as a team, I’m sold.

  • Velveteen Dream fucking sucks and I was hoping he would be gone forever after Takeover.

  • Indi and Candice as a tag team?

  • Main event was decent. At least Ember hasn’t lost too much it seems. Shame she feels like she has about as much edge as a cylinder right now.

Drake and Dain have the best entrance theme just ever and the dance that goes with it. Love it.