FEEDBACK upNXT: September 16th 2020

Hello there! John Siino here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring two championship matches with Damian Priest defending the North American Championship vs. Timothy Thatcher and Breezango defending the tag team championship vs. Imperium. Plus, we have Io Shirai vs. Shotzi Blackheart, Killian Dain & Drake Maverick vs. Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish, William Regal with some announcements and more!

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Paul from New Jersey

I give Miss Shotzi a hard time, but it’s clear she’s a star. Glad to see Io, as strange as this is to say, I feel like she’s been lost in the shuffle since winning the championship. Don’t know if Patrick Clark’s injury is real or not, but I don’t care. Keep him off my television. Johnny Gargano might be my favorite promo in all of Wrestling right now. An absolute tour de force. I really like Kayden & Kacy as a team. The women’s tag division is going to need more teams considering main roster is obsessed with breaking up teams while ruing both wrestling & Christmas. Drake Maverick should be on TV every week. The guy is exploding with charisma. A very enjoyable show tonight.

This weeks Kona shoot-I was watching Brennan Williams twitch stream which regularly includes Shane Thorne, Dane, Dijak & Mansoor. Basically Retribution. They said Kona refuses to break kayfabe while on the road. Kona completely lives the gimmick of the Finest. Mansoor said and I quoteI “I don’t know how you don’t find TV time for a guy like Kona, there are very few like him & he’s going to be an absolute superstar one day”. I agree. Be well and never forget you’re the superior brand.


Going to be an interesting week next week, as we’ll find out the #1 contenders for both Finn and Io.

  • I enjoyed the Shotzi/Io match, even if the moonsault was rough. Io is so goddamn good at elevating others even when they lose, a rare trait (and sometimes to her detriment, as people end up talking more about the people she’s elevated instead of her). Something Shayna, Rhea, and Charlotte’s reigns didn’t seem to have.

  • Breezango vs Imperium was surprisingly fun as well.

  • KOR as a face is something I’m interested in. Maybe pair him up with Cole when TUE splits.

  • The #1 contender’s battle royal next week will be interesting, but my bet is on Raquel winning it, after she eliminates Rhea with an assist from Dakota. I really don’t want to see Io lose the title any time soon, because Rhea doesn’t really elevate anyone she’s in the ring with, especially as of late.

Question of the Week: With that awkward finish to the Mickie James vs Asuka match on RAW tonight, what did you guys think of it? The match before it was falling apart anyways, as Mickie just felt like she was several steps behind the entire time. Also, what do you guys think about Zelina Vega being the next challenger to the title, despite having only won 4 matches in two years (out of 48 matches), all of them tag matches?

Great performance from Shotzi Blackheart. I see a lot of joshi influence in her matches which meshed well against Io Shirai.After the German on the apron I thought this match could’ve very well taken place in Korakuen Hall. Barrett said it best “Shotzi is a player and is here to stay.”

I know they’re not making a story of it but I like how KUSHIDA is ripping the arms off of the (alleged) predators.

This week I noticed the Nxtras (and probably some crowd sweetening) really help with atmosphere - feels closest to normal out of all the major promotions running these days

NXT has a knack of making everyone look terrific, even in defeat and Shotzi Blackheart is all the evidence you need. She had a star-making performance against Io Shirai in what was the match of the night. It was business as usual as the two title matches were also very good. Imperium are apparently heading back to NXT UK with its imminent restart as their feud with Breezango has ended. Kushida’s new aggressive edge is doing him a world of favors and he stomped out Austin Theory (which was awesome). Kyle O’Reilly took a big step to his inevitable face turn. The show is in Takeover mode as the card begins to take shape next week. 7.5/10

Chris Thunder from Down Under

Hey guys I thought this was one of the better shows from NXT in recent weeks, while I’m still not a fan of the Garganos at home.

Is Drake in idiot or is Kilian smart following Romans lead? Maybe I missed something but theirs a Takeover on the 5th?! This wasn’t announced last week right?

Main Event was great, absolute best choice of the feature matches to close the night.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

Oh hi Braden and Davie. Really good show tonight, Io-Shotzi was my match of the night but I thought all three of the main matches delivered. I’m glad to see they’re finding stories for Drake Maverick to be involved with since bringing him back, and the fact that he’s making me interested in a Killian Dain storyline says a lot about his ability. My only real complaint is how quickly they are coming back with another Takeover. It’s two weeks from Sunday and other than a potential Candice-Tegan grudge match, there are no other feuds that feel like they should be peaking at a Takeover.

No, Takeover was announced today

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The chosen one

Ps5 pre order done … since covid i have to work night shift because I lost my job , so I watch nxt while working and pre ordering a ps5 and freaking out …

Nxt was lit
Team ninja was lit
Shotzi … put her on smack down she was everything working for her
I’m beginning to love breezango even more now and I don’t even know why
Damian priest face experiment is really working , same thing for him I’m liking him even more each week and prompts goes to Timothy for helping putting priest over

I remember a couple month ago a lot of people were down on the product but I think it’s the nxt “circle of life “ cycle ! We always have a down period because they need to build everything from the ground up , they would really benefit from and off season but i know Wwe won’t ever allowed that … but at the same time they have other show that would do well while nxt is off a couple of weeks Like mae young classic could run for a month or cwc ! I don’t know what you think

God of war or Spider-Man !?

Io/Shotzi was excellent.

@Paul_Scaltro When Kacy and Kayden did their pinning combination, Vic Joseph said have you ever seen a pinning combination like this ? I would say yes, the IIconics @Elimination Chamber.

Damian Priest is a star.