FEEDBACK upNXT - TakeOver: 31

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s “upNXT” where we will be talking all about NXT TakeOver: 31!

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was really pulling for Kool Kyle.

who is ridge holland? who is ashante adonis?
was it just me or was the crowd noise distracting through the whole show? the piped in audio was a wall of sound and the plastic barricade banging was too loud.

i miss Mauro saying things like “johnny gargano is atop the ladder, reaching for the title, feeling a lot like Skee-Lo right now because he wishes he was a little bit taller!”


Bang bang!

What is up you guys?

I started late, so I only saw the last two matches.

The women’s match I thought was just okay.

I was there live with you all for the first one and that was always going to be hard to live up to.

The Johnny spot was dumb considering Candice wasn’t going to win but Toni and Ember coming back is exciting.

Finn vs Kyle was incredible.

Where was this Finn on the main roster?

Kyle proved he could hang with the best of them and I’m hoping we get some sort of rematch at Halloween Havoc as these two had really good chemistry.

I’m confused by the Ridge spot at the end and hope that it isn’t Cole and Ridge working together.

Even worse would be Ridge replacing Kyle in UE.

Take care lads and more chest hair from David!


Ben from Vancouver

Great show and the main event was one of the best matches in NXT history. Only downside was the commentary which missed Mauro big time

Solid opener with the right guy going over.

Kushida/Dream also solid but a bit long.

Loved the CW match, some amazing near falls and to me one of the best WWE CW matches ever.

Enjoyed Io/LeRae but the finish was way too overbooked and took away from the match. Good to see storm and moon back in NXT though.

Main event was amazing, hard way blood, stiff shots and it was all believable. I would have had Kyle go over but it was still great. Kyle is a B.C. legend so it’s unreal for me to see a guy I saw in front of 50 ppl kill it on the WWE network. Long overdue for him and I expect many more big things coming

PS: Chat room was lit!

8/10 show

Despite a truncated build, several cold matches and a return to the Performance Center. NXT Takeover 31 wound up overdelivering. The new set looked so cool.

The main event was a clinic and it made abundantly clear about how good Kyle O’Reilly is as a singles wrestler. I was holding my breath for the ending but it threw a curveball with Ridge Holland attacking Adam Cole. It appeared the undisputed schism will have to wait

Swerve/Escobar was awesome. Kushida looked like a killer against Velveteen Dream & Io Shirai/Candice LeRae made overbooking work for them

The return of Ember Moon and the impending arrival of Toni Storm is a testament to NXT doing the lord’s work with women’s wrestling. Exciting times lie ahead! 8 asai moonsaults out of 10


  • KOR/Balor was great! Best match on the card by a wide margin.

  • LeRae/Shirai tonight was pretty underwhelming. It felt like it flowed nicely whenever Io was in control, but grinded to a halt whenever Candice got control. It was also incredibly overbooked. That being said, Johnny throwing a complete temper tantrum when Io kicked out of the belt shot spot was amazing. He tweeted out shortly after the show that things need to change, and Candice mentioned that she’s always the padawan, never the jedi. Do you see them turning face again?

  • Excited for Ember’s return. Not so much for Toni, since she’s the most inconsistent performer in the NXT Women’s Division.

Overall, a pretty good show, all things considered. Not the strongest Takeover ever, but definitely a real easy watch.

  • Love the new “mini-Thunderdome” look and feel although it’s weird not having the virtual fans on the hard cam side when they show that
  • I much prefer the lighting over Full Sail. I always felt it was too darkened and this makes it feel bigger
  • What was with the fake Beth and Wade they had at the announce table? Seemed weird. My 13 year old son pointed out that they could’ve at least found a blonde to stand-in for Beth! Lol
  • Dream’s Doc Brown was a nice touch
  • Props to you guys for calling the NXT Halloween Havoc week’s ago
  • Escobar’s theme is $, great match, glad to see he retained
  • The big match feel announcing for the main title matches was cool but why not do it for all titles. Love the champions entering last and the “cage drop” music lead-in to the entrances
  • I still have concerns about Vic’s ability to give us big match calls