FEEDBACK: WCW Christmas Brawl Theme Songs (1996 CD, link inside)

Tomorrow on Rewind-A-Wai, I’ll be reunited with Professor Kris Ealy and Nate Milton to discuss another collection of WCW theme songs. If you have any feedback, leave it below before Tuesday at noon ET.

WCW Christmas Brawl (1996): WCW Christmas Brawl (Theme Songs CD 1996, Germany) *FULL ALBUM* - YouTube

  1. American Males - American Males (0:00)
  2. Disco Inferno - Disco Fever (2:34)
  3. Public Enemy - We Like to Party (4:58)
  4. Jimmy Hart - We’re Still Rocking (6:34)
  5. Alex Wright - Hartbeat Away (9:32)
  6. Nasty Boys - We’re the Boys (11:53)
  7. Chris Jericho - California Sun (13:33)
  8. Diamond Dallas Page - Self High Five (15:55)
  9. Konnan - Konnan’s Theme (19:16)
  10. Kevin Sullivan - Taskmaster (21:05)

Cue up the Akai samplers and the Yamaha synths, Time for some of the Best of Jimmy Hart and JJ McGuire. Seriously, this was a quick little trip back in time, where these themes ranged from memorable (American Males, an all time classic) to surprisingly decent (We’re the Boys and Konnan’s Theme) to the obvious rip-off (DDP’s Self High Five) to outright ‘What am I listening to?’ (Alex Wright rapping. That is all that needs to be said.) I think though I should download the Taskmaster theme for any generic Haunted House I might need for next Halloween. The one question I have is, how much was this selling for on this tour? Let’s face it, we all know why the CD went down as it did, how bad was the cost on this one? Still with you till the end…

Rich in East Selkirk.