FEEDBACK: WCW World War 3 '95

Brandon from Oshawa

September to December 1995 of WCW is one of my most fondly remembered time periods as a wrestling fan. As a 9 year old at this point in time, I had grown up following my dad as a Four Horsemen fan and hating Hulk Hogan. My hate of Hogan, also made me a Dungeon of Doom fan. This show was fantastic and is the perfect lead in to my all time favorite show, Starrcade 95.

I love chaos and unpredictability in my wrestling, so I love the concept of the World War 3 match. I do wish it were shot better and maybe focus on one ring at a time, when key moments were happening, instead of showing all 3 rings on one screen. Even though I wasnt a fan of Savage at the time, my anyone but Hogan mentality made him winning, a good thing in my eyes.

My favorite part of what was to come in this era, was the WCW vs New Japan aspect. Do you know how this idea came about for Starrcade? Do you think we’ll ever see a day, where WWE, AEW, or New Japan, team up for a big show like that?