FEEDBACK: WrestleMania 36 Night 1

What did you think of WrestleMania Night 1?

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Will from Toronto

Went in with moderate expectations and I won’t complain overall aside from Braun winning because I am not a fan of him personally or professionally.

Boneyard Match felt like a movie and made Taker look fantastic and I enjoyed Owens/Seth as well as the Ladder Match. Also loved the 10pm finish… 7/10

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This was a very strange show to watch, not sure I can even call it good, but it definitely wasn’t bad. My two main thoughts: 1. Goldberg should have won. 2. Taker vs. Styles will be divisive I think but I will say it was better than the other recent divisive match of Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Go Shiozaki.


As odd as the show was I gotta give props to the wrestlers for busting ass. I had high hopes for Mania after the Rumble but obviously the pandemic slowed down that momentum. It almost seemed like some of the finishes were iffy just so they can get the proper crowd reaction for a real audience. But then again it’s WWE so who knows. The Boneyard Match was damn good for what it was. I expected it to be crap but it worked. Decently excitedly for another odd night of wrestling tomorrow. Gave it a 7/10 for the effort.

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JD from RLS

Was this a Wrestlemania? Nah. Was it pretty fun for what it was? Yeah! Given the circumstances I honestly had a good time with this and it felt quick, zippy and stripped away a lot of the nonsense that we usually get with WWE.

I think the matches that worked best are those where they worked with the limitations - Kevin and Seth used the lack of noise well, conveying the personal grudge with their words, and letting the chair shots really ring out and Seth wheezing after the stage bump were elements that really sold it for me.

And the Boneyard match - that’s my kind of wrestling goofiness. That might be the funniest B-Movie shit I have ever seen, all the way to AJ’s glove sticking out of the dirt. These have been some shitty times, but honestly, that has made me laugh more than anything in weeks and sometimes, that’s just what you need.


I agree with all the criticism - they should have called it off or postponed it and the build up has been terrible. But - how many Wrestlemanias have I finished with a smile on my face?

Everything from the ladder match onwards I really enjoyed. It had no right to be that good.

If all of Undertakers matches can be that way - hes got a lot more matches in him.

It was a perfect length and I am actually looking forward to tomorrow now.

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Brian from New York

As I also wrote in the recap page, congrats to WWE on making the best of a terrible circumstance and somehow coming up with a way to use the Undertaker into another decade. To come up with something like the Boneyard Match on the fly in the environment we’re in now is a degree of difficulty I’ll give them more than a bit of credit for (and also wonder if Jeremy Borash had his finger prints on it). That was the type of creativity they’re going to need in a crowd-less world and now we can also have some faith in tomorrow’s Funhouse match being more than a weird gimmick.

And even in the handicap of the situation, we did get some appropriate-level Wrestlemania memories out of tonight between a standout match in the ladder match and a big replay-able moment in the Owens leap. Good momentum going into a second night that seems stronger on paper.

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Nick from Lansing

I hope this won’t just be me, but this exceeded a lot of my expectations. I thought we’d have good matches, but I was glad to see so many people make the most out of the unfortunate circumstances we’re in.

Sami and Bryan put on a fun show with all their friends playing interference, and I loved the creativity of the finis to the ladder match. Owens and Seth slowly becoming the all out no rules brawl was my match of the night and may that senton by Owens live on forever as a gif.

I appreciated the creativity of the AJ and Taker match, but I’ll ask what everyone is asking, AJ is dead right? Like dead?


Jeremy in Texas

I may be in the minority, but I actually thought it was a solid show. The atmosphere is what makes Wrestlemania and this show clearly didn’t have that. What it did have is a group of hard working pro’s who, for the most part, put on solid matches for a show that was only three hours long.

This show will be remembered for that Boneyard match, which I loved, because it was different and something you could never put on with a live crowd.

I really hope none of these performers and behind the scenes people end up getting infected for taking part in the marathon tapings that were done.

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Adam in the UK.

No idea how to grade this as I’m still not sure what I watched.

It didn’t feel like 3 hours I supposes/10.

Jermaine from Chicago. Good first half of the show tonight wrestlers work hard and were really creative. Goldberg has a name but should never be in the title picture again no matter how much you want Roman cheered. Get over it move on find a new guy. The ladder match was very good and I love the trash talking that it seems we usually can’t hear. The boneyard match was well done and entertaining and will produce memes for the foreseeable future. Love that somehow aj arms can reach up to six feet. I will give the wwe props when they do good great job. Last thing with Becky keep beating all the heels who’s left? Would you keep bringing up nxt women to face her? Have a great part two thx

Alexander from Portland

Imagine being Braun Strowman, heading into WrestleMania losing the Intercontinental Championship to a guy whose gimmick is that he doesn’t wrestle. You don’t get a rematch and it appears you will be left off the Mania card. Due to circumstances out of your control, you’re replacing the Universal Championship challenger and winning the title, not just off of anyone but off of WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg. What a damn story. Owens and Seth looked amazing, Taker and AJ exceeded expectations, and John Morrison showed that he still has it. I was thoroughly entertained the entire night. My feedback is too big for one post, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the other half. Thanks.

Question: Do you expect WrestleMania to be two nights next year as well? I had such a wonderful time tonight I’d be more than happy if this were the norm for Mania, even if it means no piggybacking TakeOver.

I really enjoyed Wrestlemania tonight. The show flew by, and I was entertained throughout. The women’s tag was great, the ladder match had some crazy spots, and Rollins vs. Owens was just what it needed to be. Also glad to see Strowman beat Goldberg, even if he’s just a placeholder until Roman takes over.

But let’s get to the point here: The boneyard match was AWESOME! I had absolutely the lowest of hopes, and they surpassed my wildest dreams. I might be alone here, but I thought it was not only match of the night, but probably Undertaker’s best match in years.

I admit I’m not as excited about night 2, but so far I really feel like I’ve gotten my $59.99 worth

Andrew from Cape Breton

I had a few beers tonight in the BDE chat room and that was a good time. The show was ok. The only real good matches besides the main event were Zayn vs Bryan and the ladder match, but the main event was the big highlight. Obviously, the fact that AJ Styles, TNA mainstay main evented a Wrestlemania is something that should be shouted out, but I thought that match was great. It wasn’t as unrealistic or ridiculous as the Final Deletion of the House of Horrors and I thought it was the perfect match for a show like this. This match could never have been done on a normal Wrestlemania, and I’m glad WWE and likely Jeremy Borash were able to put something like that together. It was the best Undertaker match in years as he has had a reputation of embarrassing himself recently. 6 out of 10 show in general though, but the main event was something to remember.

I am glad the tradition of Wrestlemania got to continue even in this strange format. Looking forward to night 2. This took my mind of the Covid Crisis finally. New York City is nuts right now any distraction is very welcomed. Thanks Guys!

This was a super easy watch, and the Boneyard match was so fun. I’ve only been watching wrestling for maybe 6 or 7 years, so I have no nostalgic feelings towards Taker. Every year I’ve watched him wrestle it’s just an old man that can’t really keep up, but this was a taker that I’ll remember for the rest of my life so fondly

Adam from Wellington New Zealand

Enjoyed the show.

The closest comparison would be taking the best AEW has done the last few weeks (which I have enjoyed a lot), and measure that against tonight, but even that’s not totally fair given the build for Wrestlemania.

Managed to watch the show with a buddy through zoom (2nd week of a full lockdown here), and we both left satisfied. KO/Rollins and the main event were big standouts. The only thing I really didnt care for was Corbin/ Elias and Braun/Goldberg, hating the finish on the later. Why not have this as a “surprise” challenger. They could say Roman’s out but Goldberg insisted on competing… then here comes a guy, Goldbergs not ready for and him losing like that makes a bit more sense. Where do you go from here? Braun/Roman? Or does Goldberg have more dates?
Keep up the good work kia kaha (stay strong) and stay safe.

Hey guys Joey from geelong
I most be one of the few who obviously hated the boneyard grave match. I was with friends who are now lapsed fans of wrestling and they pretty much laughed at me for still following this shit still. I sat down with pretty much my hands in my face for 20 mins. The way I see it is that this is meant to be the biggest event of the year and you have the most eyeballs on the product. There is no way casuals are going to watch wrestling next week. I think us like hardcores want something out of the box to get us excited but if you guys did a review of this 15 years in the future you would bury it. Just like how you bury a lot of things from the attitude era. I thought most of the show Until the main event. Sorry for the lengthy post but was just frustrated with the main event

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It was better than I thought it’d be.

Owens/Rollins, the ladder match and the boneyard match were all good.

And I was totally right about Baszler. Vince and Kevin Dunn don’t like her look and she’s another NXT talent wasted and made to look stupid. It’s rheas turn tomorrow night :laughing: