FEEDBACK: WrestleMania 38 Sunday (Night 2)

What did you think of WrestleMania 38 Night 2?

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Xavier from The Bay Area
The whole card was so fun. Both nights, really. Most fun I’ve had watching a full WrestleMania in years. Keep two nights forever. The main event was neat I liked it. I love the Reigns character so I’m a little biased. A lot has changed since Reigns and Lesnar last met. Both characters are over and it’s not coming after a 10 hour show.

I wanna put some shine on Michael Cole. All night he was great but I’ve never heard him so loose and having fun as he did in the Zayn match. Then the McAfee match he was excellent. Felt so genuine and really elevated the moment. The dude sometimes is irritating, but you gotta give homeboy his flowers.


First off, thank you guys for all of the coverage this week. I tried my best to keep up with all the happenings and I don’t think I’d have had any success without Post.

I haven’t been a regular WWE viewer for nearly five years, for a variety of reasons. With my following limited to shows like yours and social media. And unfortunately the two nights of WrestleMania were a reminder as to why.

A surprising amount of good between the two shows, with an unsurprising amount of filler. But much like John mentioned on Twitter (and I’m sure on this show), their use of the Big E replay completely turned me off. Not just for the rest of night two, but it’s what I’m thinking of coming out of these two shows, rather than any positives.

Not only do they show the replay, again, but New Day loses in two minutes. It’s like they just can’t help themselves. Thanks again guys.

Brandon from Oshawa

The worst main event in the history of wrestlemania is what they should call this. With the same tired old formula as every other one of their matches. They teased blood for weeks and there wasnt a drop.

Otherwise it was a solid 2 nights and one of the best Manias in recent memory. Hopefully they can keep the buzz going, but I suspect they wont and we’re just in for a bunch of rematches coming up.

Mannie from Pacoima
Another stupendous night. Its great to see that even though on paper both nights didnt look so interesting, i still had a fun time watching and enjoyed all the matches. Sasha finally ended the streak and git her first mania win with an amazing looking tag team finisher, matches of the night for me would have to be Zayne vs Knoxville and Mcafee vs theory and Vince just for the fact that both matches were just non stop fun. What do you see next for Roman? With a clean finish will he have a new challenger or challengers at backlash? Also I’m calling it now, next year’s mania main event for one of the nights will be Austin and Gable vs Austin and Gable

Just wanted to share my thoughts about the main event: it’s basically everything that I hate about modern WWE main event matches especially Brock’s and Roman’s. A finisher spamming fest where everyone does their finisher 4 times and then a super anticlimactic finish.

I’m completely done with this pairing and hopefully we won’t get a rematch any time soon between the two of them. They basically sacrificed their whole roster to feed Roman and Brock for this match and it was not worth it.

Let’s see who they have for Roman because they have completely diminished every potential challenger on the roster.

Thanks as always guys.

Wrestlemania would have been vastly improved if they had done the two nights in the opposite order. Having Triple H opening the whole thingand building all the way to Austin at the end would have been a much stronger presentation IMO. I get that they wanted to put the final focus on active stars but there is no doubt that Stone Cold’s return was the big attraction. Nothing was going to touch that.

I went into Night 2 anticipating that the men’s tag match and McAfee/ Theory would be the best things on the show and, for my tastes, that’s how I feel coming out. Happy to see Sasha finally get a win on the “grandest stage” after going 0-6. Not happy that we got the footage of Big E’s injury again or that the New Day got jobbed out in 2 minutes. You’re telling me that had to be cut for time last night?

Do you think that they are going to introduce a new title or stick with the unified one? Having a single one certainly deepens the pool of opponents but adding a second would give them a way to give Cody a title run without having to take it off Roman.


Opening with the Raw Tag Title Match was a very, very hot start to the show and was enjoyable with each team looking genuinely really good and they didn’t split RKBro!

Zayn/Knoxville was a genuinely fun time. I’ve already forgotten the Omos/Lashley match, the women’s tag title match was perfectly fine and Banks got to win at Mania. Edge vs Styles was good, but extremely slow and the finish just made AJ look kind of dumb for just staring at Priest, who was just standing there. I do feel the two have a better match in them, with the feud likely capping off at Hell in a Cell in June.

I’m still utterly confused by the Taker segment, though him not putting his fist up on Night One, then coming out AGAIN tonight and putting his fist up has me concerned we’re going to see the man wrestle again. It did just feel like a total waste of time to do basically the same thing twice.

McAfee vs Theory was good, but why in the world did we need a several minute match of Vince McMahon just pummeling McAfee and pinning the man after his Wrestlemania debut, just to get a Stone Cold moment? Could’ve just had Theory and Vince beat up Pat and have Stone Cold make the save.

Brock vs Roman was their standard match, with lots and lots of finishers. Didn’t think it was as nearly as good as the match at Wrestlemania 31 and capped off a very underwhelming Night Two.

Thanks for all the coverage this weekend with Mania and all of the surrounding events guys!

Hey guys….Jay from Windsor

I enjoyed tonight’s show, but night 1 was much better. Biggest surprise was the massive reactions in the Zayn/Knoxville and McAfee/Theory matches as the fans went nuts.

Match of the night for me was McAfee vs Theory, and I also really enjoyed the mens tag title match and Edge/AJ. Low point was the McMahon vs MaAfee match. Vince is just too old and it was very hard to suspend any disbelief. Even the stunner spot was hard to watch with how badly Vince botched it. Can’t blame him for not being able to do it, but I blame him for putting himself in a situation he wasn’t physically fit to be in.

With this Edge/Priest faction happening, who else do you see joining? Or do you think they just do a mentor-protégée story?


P.S. Thank you for everything you guys do, I can’t imagine how much wrestling you both have consumed these past few days.

Eric from Barrie.

For both nights we had the same group of 6 hardcore wrestling fan together to watch the shows

Tonight had a different feel than last night. Our group had a lower energy and the excitement wasn’t as close as it was on Saturday. Not surprising since last night was a far more stupendous show.

Austin Theory vs Pat McAfee was the most popular match, including the hilariously dreadful Stunner at the end on Vince.

Both nights running until midnight was exhausting and I’m grateful that I have tomorrow off of work.

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