FEEDBACK: WrestleMania XL Night 1

Leave your feedback here for WrestleMania XL Night 1. Please note, due to time constraints, feedback won’t be read on-air and is only hear for readers to enjoy.

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The an and Becky was a banger, Sami and Gunther delivered. Each match had a place and reason to be on the card, great show. The Rock looked good out there.

Wondering if we get a Stone Cold or HHH run out tomorrow night, to save Cody?

Over from nz. Philly is great, nice people, good transit, decent prices. Oh yeah night 1. From up in the nosebleeds it was cold as fuck. Decent (if predictable) first night. Rocky looked decent for his age and ring rust.

Becky/Rhea was a hot opener, made even more impressive that Becky worked it with strep throat. I hope catering had Chloraseptic on tap. The ladder match was chaos and it did the much needed split of the tag titles. Uso v Uso was…okay. The six woman tag was a good showcase for Jade Cargill.

Sami/Gunther was thrilling as it got the Bret/Bulldog deal. Sami got to beat the unbeatable and Gunther can move on to bigger and better things. The pre-tape with the tracking shot of Sami talking to his wife and son, Gable and Owens made me want to run through a wall

Match of the night, by far

Main event dragged, at first but there was some nice morsels such as Rock getting accidentally speared by Roman (I don’t think it won’t go unaddressed) but it got better at the tail end.

The stage is set for something major tomorrow night.