FEEDBACK: WrestleMania XL Night 2

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Kurtis from the 519-

As someone who doesn’t normally tune in to WWE, I tuned in tonight to watch the Main event. From beginning to end (outside of the random Undertaker appearance) I thought it was INCREDIBLE theatre, drama and action. A hot crowd, great bell to bell action, commentary was amazing. It was everything that made me fall in love with wrestling originally. Cody feels like the biggest star in the entire industry and I thought it was an amazing performance by all involved. Absolutely insane to me that WWE originally weren’t even going to do the match and Mania this year. There was no other way to end Wrestlemania this year and it’s wild that they even considered doing anything else. Good for Cody and good for WWE for delivering on such an amazing moment and one that will live in history forever


Wrestlemania will always be about moments and tonight had to have been one of the top moments in Wrestlemania history.

Was it an overbooked mess? Absolutely. But the one thing this bloodline story has done is turn a mess into cinema. As one story ends, another begins.

Great night, I hope you guys had a great trip, and I would love to know the cheesesteak count and a short review.

Jay from Colorado

Two takeaways:

  1. The new era is here and it’s awesome.

  2. The biggest heel of the night was the guy in the crowd with the “big head” signs.

Cody From Maine

I only followed along with the show on Twitter, but I’m happy to see the title change finally happen. I was someone who thought that they were risking Rhode’s momentum by delaying the title change last year. Clearly that didn’t happen as he’s as hot as ever despite an up and down 2023 with the Brock and Judgment Day feuds.

But my question for you guys is this…was the year delay worth it? Did tonight mean THAT much more than it would’ve had they done the change last year? Did the extra 371 days and three extra title defenses for Roman make this loss that much more impactful?

Personally, I think the answer is yes. But primarily because Paul Levesque is able to use this title change as the crowning moment of the “new era” they’ve already talked about ad nauseam.

Thanks for all of your coverage this week and safe travels back home.

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Night 2, for once, eclipsed Night 1. The main event was bonkers. I was sweating through my shirt, I risked losing my voice and it gave me everything and then some.

Every end comes a new beginning. Cody Rhodes put an exclamation point on this chapter. Bayley and Iyo Sky bodied it. Knight/Styles overdelivered. Damien Priest got his crowning moment.

The opener and main event had a common theme of hubris being the downfall of both Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre.

This, to me, was CINEMA.

What a fuckin’ night.


Ian from Best Film Ever:

I’ll keep it short because you guys have been killing it and it’s late.

Good night 2 - really liked Iyo/Bayley and the Triple Threat but The Main Event was underwhelming because it turned the WWE Universal Title match into a Royal Rumble. It stopped being about Cody vs. Roman and turned it into a Royal Rumble match. The focus shifted from the competitors to ‘who’s coming out next?’

Top 5 end of Mania celebration though.

Keep up the good work, Gentlemen.

Yesterday I saw Prime on sale in the grocery store for under $2 a bottle, so I bought it to ironically drink during the Logan Paul match and I even posted a TikTok during his entrance.

Let’s just say that I got INCREDIBLY SICK to the stomach after drinking the popsicle flavored hydration drink. This is party due to the fact that I already had a couple beers, along with pizza, chips, and cheese sticks, but Prime is a whole lot sweeter than Gatorade (despite the bottle saying that the sugar content is only 2%).

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Yeah I agree, it’s overwhelmingly sweet but the sugar content is legitimately low.