FEEDBACK: WWE Clash of Champions 2019

What did you think of Clash of Champions?

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Brandon from Oshawa

First of all…R.I.P to the ref from the Becky/Sasha match.

Poor Robert Roode. In the past, pinning the World/Universal champion might have gotten him a title shot. He didnt look at the title though, so tough luck for him.

This wasnt a great show or a horrible show. It was just sort or in between. Best match was Rollins/Braun, followed by Kofi/Orton. Best moments were The Fiend & Luke Harper.

We hear so much about how Vince loves big men. Why does he do such a terrible job booking a lot of them over the past 20 years. Guys like Big Show, Cesaro, Strowman, who are either big or just look like they’d be his typical guys, have all been booked like garbage. How is Strowman not a world champion yet? I dont get it. This guy should be murdering Seth Rollins.

Noah From Vaughan.

Great seeing the return of Harper tonight, the eventual Roman vs Harper match should be awesome. it’s a shame they keep having strowman lose in these big title matches, hes now 0-6 when the universal title is on the line. he also comes across like an idiot for not being able to beat a guy so much smaller than him. loved seeing the fiend end off the show attacking rollins, how do you guys think they’ll handle this feud between Rollins and Bray? Do you think they’ll try to get people to be sympathetic for the far less popular Rollins, Cause I can’t see the fans turning on Bray at the moment, he seems like a huge star

Conor in NYC, from Ireland.

Credit where it’s due; that was actually a pretty enjoyable show!

  • SD Women’s: The big boot to kick-off Bailey/Charlotte was almost a believable ‘Askren/Masvidal’ moment – and the finish was executed really well.

  • SD Tag: Woods can really sell his ass off and what a vicious finish! The Revival brings a little ‘AEW edge’ to WWE.

  • Raw Women’s: Great intensity to the match – but the finish (Becky getting DQ’d) fell a little flat in my eyes. Sasha was technically the winner and it’s weird to me that the babyface is okay with retaining their title like that. It sets it up for a pretty clear reason to have them in a cell next, though.

  • Ro(w/m)an: I was bored so I looked up kendo sticks on Amazon. Turns out they’re only $29 US. Maybe that’s why they’re always under the ring… It drew me back in towards the end and it was an interesting return by Harper! I always thought he would have been better to pair with Bryan from the beginning. Good to see him back.

All in all, I don’t regret spending some of my Sunday evening watching and having seen The Fiend live at MSG on Tuesday, I’m really excited to see how the Rollins program goes.

Matt in the 604

Do you know the status of Harper’s contract? Did he re-sign or was this just an excuse to get Rowan and Roman in Hell in a Cell?

Tyler from Orlando,

Haven’t watched a PPV live since Wrestlemania, this show was decent but I can’t pick one match that stood out to me really. I was expecting one of the world title’s to change hands, but I’m glad it’s not a Braun/Bray program. What would you think about Orton & The Revival VS. The New Day in a winner take all Hell in a Cell match? 6/10

Chris from Pennsylvania,

A mixed bag of a show. None of the undercard matches got enough time to mean anything, so while the first half of the show flew by, nothing really left an impression. Becky/Sasha was the highlight of the night as far as in-ring work goes, and the Harper return and Fiend attack were two pretty good angles to keep things moving forward. Between Hell in a Cell, the debut on Fox, and the draft all coming up in the next month, tonight really just seemed to be about getting all the pieces in place for the big shows ahead. 6/10.

Guy in Charlotte,

Being in the building, it was a very, very good show. The action in the ring was at a quality above what I have come expect from WWE. The crowd seemed pretty loud at times and only got completely quiet during the middle of the Kofi-Orton match.
Overall, a positive experience. Best WWE show I’ve been to in a while.

Overall this was a PPV. I do not have a whole lot to complain about. The one thing I do think we have a missed opportunity on is a 4 horsewomen of MMA V a 4 horsewomen of wrestling set up. At the end of the Becky Sasha match have Rhonda come out and destroy them send Bailey and Charlotte our for the save get the upper hand on Rhonda boom the rest of the 4 horsewomen of MMA and just lay the beating down. I know we just got the big heal turns from Sasha and bailey but that would add so much to the dynamic of the girls coming back together. I think it would be killer but I’m just one guy so. Overall 6/10

Neal from Northern Ireland

In general, I found it to be a string of OK matches, or good matches with lousy finishes. The show was saved by a very entertaining main event — one of Braun’s best outings. I was impressed by his splash from the top rope but I’m not sure a guy of his size and weight should be doing that too often.

All in all, I expected a bit better from the last PPV before the Fox debut. Looking forward to endless references to the “demonic structure” in the next few weeks.

Matt from Morristown, TN

I attended the show tonight, my first ever PPV and I really enjoyed it. I’m so happy that Harper is back, and it was amazing seeing The Fiend live. I’ve seen some people say that the crowd was kinda quiet but I dunno I thought we were pretty loud at times, definitely during Sasha/Becky, which was my match of the night. No matches were really great other than that one, although Nakamura/Miz was better than expected and I was surprised by how over Miz was with Charlotte. Speaking of Charlotte, the end to the Charlotte/Bayley match was bullshit, I was so confused. Overall I thought it was a great show, hopefully it came off well on TV

Question: even though Sami excells at being a heel, do you think he’s being wasted as a heel? I wish they would turn him back to being a face and give him a push

That show was shit. I live 45 minutes from Charlotte and so happy I didn’t spend money on this event. I bought tickets to the AEW show in November instead. I basically feel like John on the review, Nothing makes since and honestly all the in ring work is just meh. Glad Seth got booed for calling himself the best wrestler in world.