FEEDBACK: WWE Crown Jewel 2023

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Jay from Colorado

Wasn’t a strong looking card on paper except for a few matches, and that’s exactly how the show played out. I enjoyed Paul vs Mysterio, and I think they are going in a good direction with that belt, even if I don’t like Paul, I have to give him credit for what he’s done and I think he will do well with the belt.

I enjoyed the main event, but I’m tired of Roman’s title run because it’s been so predictable. We know he’s going to make it to WrestleMania with the belt, and we’ve sacrificed potential title angles and heat with Sami, Cody, Jey Uso, and now LA Knight. I’m worried the next champion will just be on a quest to beat this title run, as will the champion after that.

Last but not least. Now that John Cena is the man we can’t see, and can’t hear, who do you think takes away our ability to smell him?

Jesse from Cincinnati! I enjoy WWE Crown Jewel 2023! I was freaking out when KAIRI Sane return to WWE and it looks like WWE is planning a Team WWE Japan Joshi faction if the reports are true with Asuka IYO KAIRI and “maybe” Meiko and “some iconic names” from Japanese Joshi and also Bayley freaking out and did you see Ospreay’s tweet on Seth cause he still targeting WWE and Seth so when you put those 2 Crown Jewel stories together does that mean NJPW/STARDOM partnership with WWE “maybe” or “something”?

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Brian in New Jersey, and the following opinions are of my own and not of POST Wrestling.

This was the tenth WWE PLE as part of this deal with Saudi Arabia, bringing my streak of not watching these shows up to nine. I guess it’s fitting the one-time Pirate Princess makes her big return in a country run by scum and villainy. A real life Madripoor, with the Saudi government in Hightown (Marvel reference). I hope the civilians of the country had a really fun time and that everyone gets home safe.


I’d be interested in hearing why people boycott these shows but not shows in America or other countries when those governments are just as bad or worse in what they have to done to the world and their own citizens.

That aside… the show was okay. Seth and drew was really good match. Everything else was fine. Seemed the crowd wasnt into alot of stuff besides entrances out side of the opener and LA Knight. That could have been my sound set up though.