FEEDBACK: WWE Elimination Chamber 2023

Leave your thoughts of Elimination Chamber 2023 for John & Wai!

They’ll go live whenever they get back to their hotel room which could be a while away. Stay tuned to the POST Wrestling YouTube channel!


Saeed from Vancouver.

Interesting ending to some matches.

Didnt enjoy the ending to Brock and Bobby, seems like that will continue so unsure where that puts Bray after his SD promo.

Fun EC matches for the women and men. Glad they made Reed look like a threat taking 7 superkicks and 3 finishers to stay down.

The main event ending was interesting… the crowd didn’t seem to have a reaction at all. Even for KO they showed shots of the crowd just standing there. We didnt get anything for Jey… but from what it looks like they are not going to the tag team option at mania?


B. Weza from Chicago

Pretty disappointing to have 3 of 6 matches end with shenanigans, that sucked the life out of the matches. I get it, I get it, future storytelling, and also damn, that’s half of your show.

Both EC chambers felt well-paced, and had some impressive spots, allowing each star to shine, especially the men’s EC match.

The main event vibe lived up to the hype, but as the match went on, it felt overbooked, and like it lost momentum. By the time KO came out, it felt like it had little impact or consequence.

I will continue to be excited to see where this Sami/Bloodline story goes, and also I’m left feeling a bit deflated after that one.

I’m curious to know how it felt in the arena/the streets after the show…

Hope you guys had a blast, thanks for the coverage all weekend, and safe travels back.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Im over the finisher spam matches that always happen in Brock Lesnar matches. I need something different and I hope we get a triple threat with Brock, Lashley and Bray. I need to see Brock and Lashley interacting with the Funhouse and the puppets and Uncle Howdy.

Both Chamber matches were great. The end of the main event was a bit deflating for me. I thought tonight was the night to have Jey cement himself with the Bloodline. I do like that Owens still was skeptical of Sami, but I did want the hug after what felt like a disappointing finish.


Will from toronto.

We all knew how this show would end but it was a fun ride regardless… I do feel really bummed even though I expected the loss