FEEDBACK: WWE Fastlane 2019

Leave your comments and questions for tonight’s WWE Fastlane 2019 POST Show.

What did you think of Fastlane?

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Jamie from Leamington:

Thought this was a good show, but I don’t get this Kofi direction. I know he has to stay present, but I feel that like the Raw Woman’s title, its just convoluted and weird. Owens is the babyface replacing a babyface and then Ali also gets placed in that role, which puts him in such a horrible spot - and the reaction from the crowd told the story. That said, it was still a really good match and it felt like they did win the crowd over by the end.

I do think that throughout the show, I really wish WWE matches had better storytelling. Having watched plenty of NJPW this weekend, there was nothing as compelling as Umino/Tanahashi or as intense as Ishii/Nagata. Sure the technical aspect is often great, but I feel the emotional investment is lacking.

Beyond that: I would probably get into Mandy Rose’s matches more if the commentary wasn’t entirely Corey Graves creepily slobbering over her and ignoring the match. The Raw tag match was a great showcase of how great the division could be if given proper care; I’m glad the ‘NX-Team’ got to showcase themselves and still look strong in defeat. The US Title match was really enjoyable. Not surpising given the talent in the ring, but they made the best of being a throwaway match. Women’s tag was good, given the lack of heat. Nia/Tamina vs. Beth/Nattie would be an enjoyable Mania match and Lynch/Charlotte was what it was. Six man at the end was great.

Evening gents,
Pretty ok show in general. Intriguing twist in the Shane-Miz saga. Poor Miz got absolutely potatoed tonight!

After tonight I can see Roman and McIntyre at Mania. Also kinda surprised this one closed the show- it’s placeholder match not one with direct WM-implications.

Finally I thought the finish to Becky-Charlotte was logical, both in Ronda’s motivation for interfering (especially in its timing) and in the feasibility of the injured Becky winning the match. What I don’t like is how weak Becky is left looking. I understand that’s the point in this underdog-story but I’m worried we’re going to get a WrestleMania main event with the star attraction hobbling around the entire match and winning by a fluke.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

Overall I thought this was pretty good, although there were a few strange things on it. The good to me was the Raw Tag Title match, the US Title Four Way and the WWE Championship Triple Threat. The Shane McMahon turn was entertaining and well-received by this Cleveland crowd. I also liked that they didn’t have any turns in the Main Event and went off with a legitimate feel good moment.

The whole Charlotte/Becky/Ronda thing was a bit of a mess. It seemed like they were headed in a good direction for the triple threat, but WWE has really over-complicated things in the last couple of weeks. I’m worried that we could also be headed that direction with Kofi as well.

Even if the journey is a bit messy, I think we’re going to have a very satisfying WrestleMania. More good than bad tonight, so I go 14/20.

Question: Do you guys think by the end of WrestleMania that Rollins, Kofi and Becky will all be champions? It certainly seems to be setting up that way, but you can’t put it past WWE to throw us a curveball just because.

Sean from Toronto

The storyline with Kofi Kingston better be leading to a big moment at Wrestlemania, since that squash was hard to watch and seemed really like something Russo would’ve done.

Also, the anticlimactic DQ finish of the Becky and Charlotte match was probably the most lazy way they could get Becky (back) into Wrestlemania and I really wish now that they respected the Royal Rumble win and just have had the match one-on-one from the start. WWE is seriously risking hurting Becky’s momentum with their booking decisions.

At least we got a feel good sendoff for The Sheild, with no post match swerve, which is probably for the best, considering that post-match beatings seemed like pattern on this show (even by supposed babyfaces).

Jay from Colorado

I understand what they are trying to do with Kofi to build him up for WrestleMania, but that was not the way to go about it. Really getting tired of the Mr. McMahon character, I hope XFL is a huge success so he goes there full time.

And what a horrible spot to put Mustafa Ali in. I realize that they didn’t want Owens to eat the pin, but people were booing Ali. And going from that to eating the pin doesn’t seem like it’s gonna help his push.

Finally my wife asked me why some guys choose to wrestle in a one piece with no shirt and guys like Baron Corbin dress like they just left the night shift at Applebee’s. “What’s the purpose? Is there a strategic reason?” I could only answer with a blank dead eyed stare, because fuck if I know.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight’s show was ok. WWE has been weird with babyfaces over the past couple of years and tonight was no exception. I thought WWE killed off Mustafa Ali as a babyface worse then Chase Owens killed off my hopes of winning the New Japan Cup contest. Thankfully, he, Bryan and Kevin Owens are talented enough to dig themselves out of a massive hole. I don’t understand why they would put a babyface in the spot of disappointing the crowd in such a manner. The match turned out to be the best one of the night, but guys shouldn’t have to kill themselves to fight to get the crowd into a match due to the booking. Becky Lynch was a bit rough as well. This bad ass Becky Lynch only won because Ronda attacked her, causing the disqualification. Just like with the WWE Title match, WWE is lucky to have such talented people who can fight their way out of extremely bad booking. 12 out of 20 show.

Jalen from Pickering,

Welp, that main event felt like a poor man’s version of the Shield vs Evolution. “The Shield has never faced a force like this before!”. The last three guys Balor has had 50/50 feuds with? How intimidating.
The WWE Title match has been handled poorly since Owens came back. Stupidness all around.
And between mentioning Ambrose leaving, Triple H’s promo, and the women’s feud, it feels like Wrestlemania is gonna be MetaMania. How fitting that they’re in met life

Andrew from Saint John
Show had a high average quality; the WWE title, US Title and RAW tag titles were all bangers, and I felt the Shield main event lived up to the quality of past showcase Shield matches. There was no particular story other than seeing good things happen to Reigns and co., but that has its own reward. Charlotte vs. Becky felt a little anticlimatic, although it got where it needed to go. Doesn’t it feel like almost every program right now is building to a multi-person scramble?

Dave from Sydney

This was a pretty bad show

They had the perfect story in place for the women’s match and continued to mess it up more and more every week.
How does Becky go to mania, although she won by DQ? A title doesn’t change hands if it occurs. Did I miss something on raw or smackdown staying otherwise? Also, the twitter beef between Ronny and Becky just looks stupid as Ron gives Becky the opportunity to be in the match now.

Upside, Ali won a crowd over that was giving him the Mysterio/Rumble treatment and that finish was absolutely spectacular. However the story booking of getting to this match definitely left me scratching my head

Alex from Maple

Total and utter nonsense. While there were some good matches (3 way for tag titles and 4 way as well as main event) the over arching theme is how badly they have messed up the women’s main event.

This was such a simple thing to book and they have made it needlessly complicated. Becky isn’t nearly as hot and Ronda did such a lackluster job during that run in that I don’t think you can deny this program is colder than it was the day after the Royal Rumble.

Well done Vince