FEEDBACK: WWE Fastlane 2023

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Jay from Colorado

I really can’t figure out what the point is keeping the title on Seth unless it was for a Damien Priest cash in. I really thought they were swerving us earlier with Priest having the case taken away.

Honestly, it was the weakest PLE of the year in my opinion l, but if I can say one thing nice about it, it was short, and I will never complain about that.

Mannie from Pacoima

Pretty ok show. The opener was probably the highlight of fastlane. Everything else was ok. Cody finished his story and now as tag champ he can show up to foil the bloodline anytime he chooses.
Jey feels like such a big star and Jimmy just feels like he’s just there.

Was pretty disappointed with the finish to the last man standing match. Seth took all that punishment just for nakamura to lose to a falcon arrow?? But shout out carlito! Carlito came in late, took no bumps, hit his finish and didn’t even hit the group pose. just hit his music and got his coin. What a worker.

Jesse from Cincinnati! I glad once again a WWE PLE is close to my city even in Indy hope McAfee help gets that city a WrestleMania the triple threat match with Asuka IYO and Charlotte could be the first step for the WWE return of the Pirate Princess KAIRI Sane hope Triple H made that announcement of KAIRI’s WWE return on SmackDown and we see KAIRI’s wish of “uniting her worlds” of NJPW/STARDOM & hopefully WWE unless TK & AEW gets STARDOM partnership because Rossy hates TK and likes Triple H and I hope Shinsuke gets another chance at a WWE World Championship because of the ABEMA deal in Japan even if there is a WWE PLE in the Tokyo Dome!

I’m surprised people didn’t like this.

The crowd was red hot and the matches were fun with lots of feel good moments.

It was way better than that horrible crowd AEW drew last night that looked horrible. Personally I don’t need 5star matches to enjoy a show. They are nice for sure but a good storyline and seeing big stars is enjoyable as well.

I would much rather see Cena playing to the crowd than watching neither trios spot fest. However a top level singles match is still king and this didn’t have BD vs ZSJ level