FEEDBACK: WWE Money in the Bank 2020

What did you think of Money in the Bank?

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Brandon from Oshawa

This was a fun show. One of the better empty arena efforts from WWE and not counting the pre show, it went by quicker than an episode of Raw.

I was mainly looking forward to the MITB match and it delivered for me. I found myself laughing the whole way through at the ridiculousness of it all and that makes it a win for me. Anything that can make me laugh in these times, is a win in my book. I do think they could have utilized Vince better though.

Is Baron Corbin going from a king gimmick, to a serial killer gimmick? He seems to enjoy throwing people to their potential demise and I can get behind it. Nothing seems to be off limits in the WWE Universe.

Robbie in New Zealand
I’ve been listening since 2017 when the YouTube algorithm put your podcasts in my YouTube recommendations. I just pledged as a one milk one sugar patron, but I’ll pretend it says “double espresso latte with coconut milk” which is what I drink and at the same cost! I missed most of the opening match and I’m disappointed the lucha House party, especially grand metallic, aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. But I do stand by that the new day is the best male tag team in wwe. MVP is a good mouth piece for lashley, though I am painfully aware of why they may be paired. Tamina vs bayley was good, but I feel bad Tamina has no sympathy. She’s likeable, but you’d never know that in WWE. I like the story between bray wyatt and Strowman Reigns, but wearing the black sheep mask would be a good, smart way to beat The Fiend. This makes me think Bray will win the title back. Did I miss 2 matches (raw tag titles and IC title match)? Oh well probably nothing. Drew won decisivly which is great. I can see him feuding with someone new and fresh (hopefully).
I feel like more thought was put into the men’s money in the bank, having the only interesting women spots be the beginning and rey being choked out by shayna.
Asuka is the best, and should be treated as so. She deserves to win and I hope she finally wins the raw title. Its actually hilarious seeing the wwe slow crawl to the elevator. I guess the first elevators don’t go straight to the roof, which is an architectural design flaw. No wonder they’re relocating. The vince scene was corny, he could have at least had an overcooked steak in front of him. Why does otis break every rung but braun didn’t? Guess it doesn’t matter, I’m happy otis won but that was a weak finish for the men’s match. I give money in the bank 6\10 Paul hey man pie faces

I didn’t get to see much before the actual MITB match because of household duties, but the actual MITB match was entertaining as hell.
Black and Mysterio’s “death’s” would have been a bit more believable if they didn’t she is aerial footage of the rooftop beforehand.
With all the cameos, where the heck was the Boogeyman?
Finally, we can all agree the short time frame is a total win!

Nick from Lansing

I thought it was an overall fun show, with good matches even if there weren’t a ton of surprises. I think Otis winning MITB will be the most talked about/controversial part of the night, but I fully support it. He deserves all the best things, and I think he’s the guy to get us through these dark times. Also Asuka starting the match by leaping onto everyone was fantastic. R.I.P. Rey, see you in 3 weeks

My biggest question of the night: When Corbin was on the ladder with Asuka, why did they start fighting??? He could have just grabbed his briefcase and celebrated too. As well, a 6’8’’ former NFL lineman fell victim to a chop???

Loved the hilarity of the ladder match, but that murdered me and rivaled some of the obvious retakes and Stephanie McMahon’s rehearsed scene. 7/10 match, 4/10 show. 5.5/10 show (if my math is right)

JD from RLS

I honestly think I’m going to miss these cinematic matches when they’re gone. The MITB match was hilarious in a good way, and it felt like all involved were enjoying their work. Maybe this is true 'sports entertainment’s?

The rest was honestly pretty good. The upside of these shows is character works comes through a lot more, and I think McIntyre/Rollins and Bayley/Tamina both impressed.

I cancelled the network last week, but decided to check out mitb before my subscription ran out, and I am so glad that I did.

If the point of wrestling is to put on an entertaining show, they did it. Even before the mitb match I thought this show way over achieved. Can’t complain too much about any of the winners, and the 3 hour length was perfect.

I liked the 4 way, and thought both of the title matches delivered in very different ways.

Do I wish Paul Heyman, Johnny Ace, and the other senior citizens on the show has stayed home in quarantine? Of course.
Did I really enjoy myself for 3 hours. Absolutely.

Jon quarantined in Florida,

(In the voice of Scorpio Sky) This is the worst match I’ve ever seen. Time for wrestle crap to open a new wing.

Really makes me sad the amount of hours and effort Daniel Bryan put in to get put into a “match” like this. The roster is awful and stale, and in definite need of a reboot.

Thank you guys for all the great content, stay safe

Congrats to mr and MRS money in the bank. I didn’t realise money in the bank was a marriage contract too. As silly as it was the final match was enjoyable and the quick, callous murders of Rey and Aleister reminded me of Game of Thrones when they’d give main characters some really un-glamourous deaths. RIP.
2/5 for me, 1 point each for the onscreen deaths. (+1 if you count Dana)

I may be becoming out of touch with the current fan, because I hated the MITB match. Nothing surprising, juvenile humor that was all lowest-common-denominator stuff…just crap, in my humble opinion. Probably doesn’t help that I’m going through Mid-South Wrestling now on the network and it makes current WWE look like garbage (other than production values, of course).

You are not alone. Let’s be honest. Wrestling in its best form is somewhat ridiculous to justify watching as an adult but at least it used to be presented as a real, albeit simulated, “fight”.

This is not wrestling. This is just stupid, childish television and the WWE can shine up their television real nice and stick it straight up their candy ass.

Their is a reason ratings continue to decline and the decline started long before Covid 19. If anything, ratings should have increased given there are more people stuck at home with limited things to do and no other live “sports”. Instead, empty arena shows have just put the focus on the core product (i.e. the wrestling and storylines) and highlighted that neither are compelling, even if the former is more athletic.

And before any diehards reply trying to justify this crap by saying this is modern wrestling, let me stop you by saying no it is not. Just because a minority of fans decide they like this flavour of shit does not mean an entire genre all of a sudden changes. If the NBA all of a sudden introduced a stripper pole to the court and 80% of their fan base evaporated you wouldn’t say that’s modern basketball just because a small proportion of the original fan base liked it. It wouldn’t be basketball and wrestling is no different.

Until someone is smart enough to realise the path being trodden is making what was already a somewhat niche product a laughingstock then audiences will continue to shrink.

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I only watched the MITB match and I loved it because it was different and wacky. We are approaching DDT territory which I love. The end with Otis was a bit confusing.