FEEDBACK: WWE Money In The Bank 2021

What did you think of Money In The Bank?

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Brian from New Jersey.

On the strength of the last three matches and that show closing surprise, I thought this was a good show overall. Ripley vs. Flair really picked up and became Ripley’s best match of her main roster run. The Men’s Money in the Bank Match had some amazing moments, and some really painful-looking moments culminating with that powerbomb to Owens. So happy Big E won. Strong main event that built up two SummerSlam matches by the end of it. John Cena is 44 and still dressing like this.

I remember a quote regarding the WWE Network moving to Peacock in the U.S. about WWE focusing on content creation, and leaving the technology to someone else. Well that technology had diarrhea by the start of the semi-main, but fortunately it was smooth sailing after I exited the Peacock app, restarted it, and continued watching the show.

Howdy John & Wai! It’s nice to have WWE back in live event mode, but Money in the Bank was a bit of a mixed bag for me.

I was more into the novelty stuff than the actual action on the card. Gimme more silly pre-entrance videos that feel like they were plucked from a Sega Saturn game, please! Also Baron Corbin being in such poor financial shape that he has to eat at Applebees while hiding from embarrassing work friends is some inspired cross-promotion.

As a highly anticipated pay-per-view/special event, I felt blasé about the show in big chunks. There was lots of “good” wrestling, but you can watch “good” or better wrestling any day of the week. The latter half of Flair/Ripley and the men’s ladder match were a cut above so credit where credit is due. There’s just a vibe WWE gives off like it’s a traveling stunt show with a mildly kooky cast of characters that has marks and talking points to hit as opposed to being in a combat sport or action movie. It’s not the worst thing in the world, it just takes some of the urgency and character-based emotion out of the package for me as a viewer.

Here’s hoping Nikki ASH will not be diving at the Olympics this year.

Will from Toronto

I don’t recall a ladder match ever ending in such a boring fashion as Nikki winning tonight. Was hoping it would be Naomi and she’d join the bloodline but it is what it is.

Big E winning means he can go fight Mashley since booking only seems to allow him to fight Drew or a New Day member. But I have to say… it was great seeing Ricochet pull off some fun spots and I really enjoyed the match.

Edge vs Roman was what I expected and I’m surprised Seth came in twice to interfere over the one and done.

I seem really negative but I actually didn’t hate the show… 7/10

PS: Glad Corbin can afford to join the crew at Applebee’s

  • Nikki A.S.H. winning the briefcase wasn’t something I had considered. The Women’s MITB was kinda messy. Liv Morgan getting the lion’s share of the cheers is a sign to the powers that be to keep going.

  • Omos is improving and he was in the right place for AJ to do the bulk of the work. He needs to work on his selling more.

  • Bobby Lashley vs Kofi Kingston felt like an overly long episode of When Animals Attack.

  • I can’t seem to care about yet another Charlotte title reign. That notwithstanding, her and Rhea Ripley worked hard to bring the crowd back in.

  • The men’s MITB match lived up to my lofty expectations. Everyone shined and they got this one right by giving it to Big E. I’m so, so happy for him.

  • Edge vs Reigns had a very good flow to it. It picked up significantly in the back half and the suspense was intense. Rollins vs Edge got the ball rolling.

  • John Cena returning was the megaton mic drop that it needed. The Firefly Fun House can’t keep him. It was bedlam

Onward to Vegas. A good show that got elevated by the latter two matches.

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Jermaine from Chicago. It was a decent show. Very cool to see big e win mitb does this mean he goes after bobby lashley at summer slam? Why are the tag team champions in a mitb match? This is bad booking you have a ton of women signed to the company and you could use them instead. Like a Toni storm and a reckoning and hot shot one of them? Lastly Roman matches shouldn’t go on last I’m sorry he doesn’t wrestle at a level of someone who get as much tv time or someone who main events every big show. The fans were on their hands most of that match and chanting you can’t wrestle. This isn’t going to grow wwe or make the company hot. Go find a generational talent wwe I beg of you. 7 yrs isn’t long enough to know. Have a great night thx

When you don’t realize you wrote Mashley instead of Lashley and find out listening to the podcast thanks to @johnpollock :joy:


Were you eating potatoes as you were typing ? I like Freudian slips.