FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/20/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Brandon from Oshawa

I really thought this was a great show, up until the Street Profits segment and then the show dropped considerably from there.

Joe, Owens and the Viking Raiders should stick together as a team. I need a big stable war. We haven’t had one on the main roster in too long.

As much as the cuck angle sucked, I thought they did a good job of getting Rusev hot again, but now he’s looked like a joke and lost 3 times to Lashley. Is this pretty much confirmation that he’s leaving? I know they suck at booking babyfaces, but they can’t be this inept, can they?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I remember years ago, Lance Storm did an interview and he talked about how he and Regal were supposed to go over the hot babyfaces Booker T and Goldust for the tag title and Storm asked about if they could throw the babyfaces a bone. I wish they did that with Rusev. I know 50/50 booking isn’t the best, but at a certain point the matches need to end if you’re going to just beat a babyface into powder, especially considering the storyline. I get it, Rusev is a loser, can we just move on? Matt Hardy’s career in WWE seems to also have gone full circle with him starting out jobbing and ending it jobbing. One positive though is in today’s wrestling scene, this just gives Matt sympathy before he leaves for his next destination. Anyway, decent show overall, 5 out of 10.

Paul from New Jersey

A very solid edition of Monday Night RAW. up until the weekend update skit. Rollins is flourishing as a heel again & I’m glad Murphy wasn’t discarded right after the Black feud. Pretty solid ladder match & I like what they did with Orton and McIntyre. I just can’t understand for the life of me what they are doing with the Street Profits. If you stopped watching this show at 10:30 PM, there was little to complain about. So I did. Why watch the main event cuck angle if you’re not getting paid for it?

Question: do the ratings increase whenever brock Lesnar is announced for TV?

  1. is it just me or did Ricochet sound better on the mic tonight? Perhaps he heard POST Wrestling‘s worst of 2019.

Alexander from Portland

I strongly disliked the finish to Andrade and Rey. I can’t recall the last match Andrade had that Zelina didn’t interfere in. Having Zelina constantly interfere in matches builds heat, but for me it’s turned into go-away heat opposed to effective heel heat. No matter how good Andrade is in the ring, I find it so hard to get into his matches when there’s interference in like 90% of them. Secondly, wooden ladders have jumped the shark. Negativity aside, it’s great to see Buddy Murphy winning a title on the main roster. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first time we saw a former Cruiserweight champion win a title that wasn’t the Cruiserweight championship?

Sam from Nebraska

This week’s Raw was a weaker episode than last week’s which I felt was a solid show. And while I could go on about that awful Monday after Weekend Update, and how that during the MLK video the E would only show white police officers with people of color in the modern day footage as some real apparent political statements. But I digress, what was up with the WWE adding some digital green mist to the replay of Asuka and Becky from last week? It looked awful and was just garbage.

Brandon Frm NJ

Hello darkness my old friend! It is I Brandon been a minute since we spoke what’s new? Anyhoo its been so long I’ve forgotten how to do this so bare with me. I’ve been missed and for that I am back. How about them blizzards in Newfoundland my god huh? Did they invest in shovels that’s a workout eh. I’m stalling so here goes but man this show was good for the first few hours then like a wet fart in the wind the show turned for the worst. Andrade and Rey fighting for those coveted dvr ratings points was a joy to watch to the new rockers Buddy and Seth winning the straps was fun stuff.


-Wai how are you

-John who is next for Mcgregor now that he is back? Those shoulder strikes were mad intense yah feel me? I think Masvidal bodies him and usman beats him up on the ground. Plus he has Mayweather, Connor roads are paved in gold. Also is Pettis headed to bellator to fight his brother or just headed to bellatoe

Glad your back I’m out of here peace

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First; welcome back to north America, Wai.
Second; maybe I’m just old, but having your babyface lose constantly doesn’t build them up. It makes them look weak.
Third; while it’s cool to see Buddy Murphy win a title, but how does a thrown together tag team beat the War Viking Raider Machine Experience, while the AoP do nothing…

Guy from Charlotte, NC

There was more good than bad this week but as usual, the bad was quite bad.
For all the good that was the opening segment and the Brock stuff, there was the positively awful Street Profits Update and the never-ending eye roll that is the Rusev-Lana saga.
Honestly, this show’s saving grace was the ladder match. Granted, it was a little sloppy in places but they managed to make me care and delivered with some very good in-ring action.
I’m looking forward to the Rumble and hope it sets up some new things to keep us rolling through Mania season.

6 out of 10

Nick from Lansing

What a fun ladder match! It feels like we’ve had a lot of gimmick matches, and specifically a ladder match at NXT UK, but Rey and Andrade told a good story, and I loved how Zelina helped her partner and blocked Rey from the belt. I also appreciate the, I guess you can call it foreshadowing of Humberto in one of the first crowd shots before Seth and crew came out. Hard to miss a tall guy wearing a Rey mask.

When Ricochet’s music hit, interrupting Paul Heyman, at first I was excited. Then I saw the mic in his hands and I got nervous. But Ric was able to cut a halfway decent promo tonight. He felt he little more confident, and I even held out a soon to be dashed hope that maybe he’d be able to do at least one flip before Brock put him down. Hopefully the two of them get at least a little time to work in the Rumble

Murphy and Rollins looked great against the Viking Raiders. The tag division is in desperate need of a glow up and I actually feel hopeful about the two of them as the new champions. Unfortunately the Viking Raiders weren’t clicking, the company never seemed to know what to do with them, but maybe a team with more momentum can revitalize that division.

Pretty decent show overall, but it weirdly felt like they were putting out a few matches that didn’t make the cut for the pay per view

Tess from OKC

I, like everyon else it seems, was really enjoying this show until the last hour. I do wonder why you have Rollins/Murphy winning the tag titles instead of the actual tag team in AOP but thats typical WWE booking. Good for murphy though getting a main roster title.

It is honestly so frustrating to me that WWE can have a super refreshing relationship storyline on smackdown and the most cliche storyline on Raw. Why would Rusev ever associate with Liv Morgan again? Aside from the fact that she was also cheating with Lana so she’s really no better than Bobby, she cost him the last match and was just peeking up from the apron during the end of the one tonight. On a side not it does seem Liv has been working on her wrestling and I thought she looked decent. I would much rather see her working with charlotte who is in desperate need of something to do.

Also do we know where Naomi is when she comes back? She’s in the Raw opening graphic but one would think she would be with her husband on Smackdown.

This show was so bizarre in its formatting we ended up with 2 big moments a ladder match and a tag title change surely one of these would close the show. Nope WWE closes the show with Lashley and Lana victorious in a mixed tag match…

I’m not a huge fan of the Rollins and Murphy as Tag champs if only because they have a tag team in their faction. But as always singles wrestlers are better than tag teams. From a gold standpoint I would think Rollins going for universal and Murphy for US would make the most sense, but I also think neither makes sense given who is hold those belts so I guess the tag belts make the most sense short term and on Rollins not his thugs.