Live at 11:05 p.m. ET after WWE Raw

Mannie from Pacoima
I see good old triple H saw that Konnan welcomed del rio back to AAA with open arms and said “i can do that too” and brought in the old ketchup and mustard man…

Gable and Ivar had an outstanding match which was unfortunately kind of ruined by the interference.
The Punk and Cody promo was fantastic and had me begging for a match between the two!
The Imperium vs New Day feud continues to intensify! I wonder if they go the street fight route or a 2 out of 3 falls?
Overall the raw side of the rumble has really done an outstanding job of selling me on the match this year

Also shout out the Post wrestling poster of social media for acknowledging Tom mysterio as a lucha legend, and Cole shouting out el perro aguayo whomst’ve stable logo is now being used by the Garzas!! Lucha things!

The 90-minute cut of RAW continues to be the best show in wrestling. The core stories and build to the Rumble are narratively rich with fleshed-out characters that I enjoy. I initially liked the idea of using the R-Truth subplot to juxtapose Priest’s character development from the rest of the Judgment Day, but I wasn’t a fan of him getting involved in the match. A couple more interference finishes than I would have liked but a very good show nonetheless.
9 Scott-Putsky-award-winning Randy Ortons out of 10.

The Cody/Punk segment made me want the Rumble to happen tomorrow but I can’t fast forward 5 days. I thought about Cody’s last AEW promo about Punk’s infamous pipebomb and that’s when it clicked for me when he was in the ring with him. it’s a two-horse race between them. As long as Rollins’ health improves over the next couple months, Punk will be headlining night 1. As for who wins the Rumble…I’m gonna say that there’s no such thing as a dead end. There’s no “winner” during this promo, it was a tie.

Something HAS TO GIVE!

The Rollins/GUNTHER promo gives me some hope that he won’t be skipping WM (provided that he gets his health in order)

I love the back and fort between punk and cody due to the fact that they both had good material for each…while in the pass …when superstars are on the mic with someone like cena the a told before hand that the cant say certain things to Cena…essentially ensure Cena destroyed them on the mic…ohhh how times have changed …by the way my first feedback since the first smackdown in front a live crowd in 2021

Theon from Trinidad