FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/24/22

What did you think of WWE Raw?

Seems like just yesterday I was talking to Wai about how stupid a wrestler looks when they accidentally get themselves disqualified by going a little too crazy with the violence. In fact, it was Friday. Damian Priest is the latest victim of this poor booking decision and it doesn’t work for him any more than it did for Natalya or Charlotte or anyone else. Too bad because it tainted an otherwise very enjoyable match between Priest and Owens.

Although there was some great in-ring work, especially from Styles and Theory (why does that sound like a textbook of some kind?), this didn’t really have the kind of energy I’d expect from the go-home episode of the Royal Rumble. In fact, the rumble matches themselves feel like the least important part of the show, with much more focus being put on the title defences and the Grit It match.

Do you think we see any title changes this weekend? I’m thinking no but maybe Lashley could win. (I just struggle to see Lesnar accepting a loss on his first title defence.)