FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/28/19

Join us for Rewind-A-Raw tonight where we’ll be reviewing the entire show and revealing the winners of our Royal Rumble 2019 Pool.

What did you think of tonight’s Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Raw was another ok show. I don’t want to be this fan that goes, back in my day kids, but back in my days kids, your World Champion was this hugely important person and thought to be the best person in the company. In a two belt era, and especially in an era where we willingly beat other champions into dust, it sucks seeing a presentation where someone says, take this World Champion, he is weaker. And the worst part about it is, that person would be correct. The Survivor Series really did a number on Smackdown, and the WWE Title as a whole. Last night, the WWE Title was the death spot match in front of a dead crowd. I know maybe they want to give a title to someone to enhance a talent, but it seems like having two belts like this makes the title and the talent seem like a lesser entity. I will give them credit in making Lesnar and the Universal Title seem special, but he should be the one and only World Champion and the final boss. But yeah, I liked the Lynch/Rousey stuff, but again, it sucks that they’re competing for the Women’s Title of a brand, instead of the undisputed World Women’s Championship, or something spectacular sounding like that. 5 songs from WWF Full Metal The Album out of 10.

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Jalen from Pickering,

The best raw in a while, with important programs getting off to strong starts. But if they’re hinting at an Ambrose and Triple H program, I’m gonna need some convincing. Their feud 3 years ago was the best thing of that Mania season, but an older Triple H as a baby face and this disappointing heel Ambrose, sound like the recipe for great promos and a terrible match.

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Paul from New Jersey

I can’t stand Jeff Jarrett, he’s always had go away heat to me, however I did thoroughly enjoy he and the Roadie. I’m not mad at Renee, I’m just disappointed. Such prolific characters like Double J, the Roadie, Mantar and Aldo Montoya need to be preserved.Perhaps she needs a crash course on mid 90s wrestling from Dean Douglas. Pretty enjoyable episode of RAW. I’ve seen way worse.strong text

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Tim from Alabama

First off I want to congratulate John and Wai on a great Royal Rumble post show last night. Now when it comes to Raw tonight the only two things that truly got me excited were seeing Jeff Jarrett again tonight after the Rumble last night and seeing Becky Lynch completely school Ronda in their promo tonight. I truly feel like Ronda didn’t know how to react to the crowd while they were chanting for Becky. If WWE is smart they will keep this a one on one match and the main event of Wrestlemania. Have Charlotte go for the Smackdown Women’s championship against Asuka. Why did they have Daniel Bryan and Eric Rowan come to Raw just to do a backstage promo, did they truly think that anyone would buy into Seth choosing Bryan over Lesnar for his Wrestlemania match? 5 Mojo Rawley mirror promos out of 10.

Roger from Cincinnati

The Man was intense in her promo tonight, and although she gave it a good effort, Ronda just couldn’t match Becky on the mic. With the heat that Rousey got, will they turn her heel in this feud or still book her as a smiling babyface in typical stubborn WWE fashion? I’m assuming this also means it will be Becky and Ronda one on one at Mania, but we still have plenty of time to somehow add Charlotte. I would prefer just Becky and Ronda, but I wouldn’t be fully against a triple threat. As for Seth Rollins, he never made his decision! I wonder if he’s still being F5’d as I type this.

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Ari from montreal
All i can say is that there is no chance that rousey vs becky shoudlnt main event mania. I also see that Becky’s transformation to Stone cold is complete with the knee brace.
Also its currently -18 here feels like -30…stay warm there guys.

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Ed in Charleston, SC

Heavy on the heat tonight as the Balor, Braun, and Rollins all got beat up by their likely Mania opponents. Braun still feels diminished from last years heel turn and Balor has little chance of benefitting from a Lashley feud. Rollins could have a crisis of confidence after getting smashed over and over again, which is the right story to tell with Brock being off screen for the majority of the build.

Ambrose is lost right now and he needs to get away from Rollins if this heel character is going to have any chance.

Last thing, I am continuously amazed at how well Ronda Rousey does so much so well with so little time in wrestling. She isn’t great at anything yet, but she’s gotten better with every match and the emotion behind her promos feels authentic even if the words themselves are inconsistent. That being said, anyone against Becky is gonna be booed out of every building from here to Metlife Stadium.


Tyler from Orlando,

Felt like a better RAW than usual tonight. I noticed Dash Wilder kissing goodbye to the crowd, this follows his tweet last night that only included a waving emoji. Maybe I’m looking too much into it. I can’t believe Tamina is going to be in an elimination chamber. Ronda cannot seem to cut a promo when the crowd is reacting in a way she didn’t expect.

Question - for the elimination chamber do you see it being Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan or Ruby with 1 of the 2?

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Only caught the first hour for now but had a question. With Nia getting in the Rumble last night and then mixing it up with Ambrose tonight, do you think they’re building up an intergender singles match for Wrestlemania? Seems like one of the few logical reasons they put her in the Rumble.