FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/7/19

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What did you think of tonight’s Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I think I now know how WWE can address their issues with Raw. See, it’s not bad, boring, or whatever, it’s just simply how they want to present wrestling. Wrestling can be anything to anybody and it’s an art form so you can do whatever you want. That’s the best way to address criticism. Just simply deflect it. And speaking of having a worked tampon shoved down your throat, we had something even more gross tonight. I get it, Hogan and Gene had a strong relationship, but with him coming back, WWE’s twitter advertising Hogan merchandise, and the end of Hulk’s promo, it just came across as incredibly awkward. Other then that, it was just your average Raw. I like Ambrose and Rollins as much as the next person, but they don’t need to be on the show for over an hour altogether. WWE can get stale at times, and that’s a good example of it. 4 awkward crowd reactions to Fabulous Moolah’s name out of 10.

Matt in the 604

Pretty stoked for Rousey v Banks at RR. Jax Banks was a decent match for sure, loved the spot where Nia dropped Banks on her face in the corner, but what was up with Nia’s makeup? My wife said she should invest in long lasting makeup that dancers use… always fun watching with the spouse. Have you heard anything on Alexa’s return to the ring? I read speculation that she could be back for the Rumble match.

Joey from Queens,

I have gotten some work out of town for a couple of weeks and am currently staying at my grandmothers for the time being, and in an attempt to engage in some bonding asked if she wanted to watch raw with me. I usually don’t watch the show because it’s a slog but I wanted to see what response Hogan would get and hey, misery enjoys company.

Oh what a treat my poor grandmother was in for. The opener went way too long. WAY TOO LONG. This isn’t NJPW where they have the ablility to book 6 man tags to be 5 star matches. This was a SLOG. And the best part was that every time I went to put on the College Football Championship during the many commercial breaks this match got the game was also on commercial. The poor Revival, I have a feeling they want to BE ELITE, BE BE ELITE but there stuck in this purgatory of horrid booking. Elias was fun as usual, but then good old Baron Corbin came out and I had to wake up my grandmother in the middle of the match. Banks and Nia was another chore to watch, they have 0 chemistry. Finally I don’t know how but Rollins and Ambrose just can’t have a good match in my opinion. Rollins needs a new program and we just need a new Dean Ambrose, anything is better than whatever is being presented to me.

Overall Grade: 3/10
Grandma’s Grade: 0.5/10
At least she’s in for some better wrestling tomorrow. Right?

What up doe!

It’s a new year and I wanna start by saying thanks and congratulations on one year of post wrestling, I’ve been a cafe member for the better half of last year an I love it, I’ve been down since the law days.

I didn’t get to watch raw because of work, but I turned it on my phone and listened too the entire show witch was much better surprisingly. Not that bad of a show except for hogan, but by the end of the night I hardly even remember him being there. Question how do you guys think the wwe are going to go about the women’s tag belts? Given the roster shortages will they be able too have the champions float between brands? That’s the only thing I think will work.

But anyway cheers Bros

Jay from Colorado

Aside from the Sasha Banks vs Rousey announcement tonight Raw didn’t have much considering the star power. Hogan is still gross, the Braun and Brock segment was just awkward and seemed like someone missed a line or two, and Cena was just there.

My favorite thing about Raw was actually the commerical for NXT UK takeover, I completely forgot its this weekend.

And I just read that EC3 and Lacey Evans debuted on Main Event before the show. Dear God please tell me that’s not true. It’s like they’ve already given up on the callups. They deserved much better. Royal Rumble debuts would’ve been easy and effective.


So I’m not great at weight conversion but Nia said she’s a 300.5 oz Samoan. Which is equal to like 19 lbs I think. Huh?

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Darren from Melbourne… Florida

I was there live in Orlando. Good crowd but not sold out, half of upper level was blocked off. Doors opened at 730 and pre show matches were I think for Main Event… Natalya beat Lacey Evans and EC3 continued Hawkins’ losing streak. Not sure if those are indications the winners will be on Raw or maybe just because they probably live locally?

Biggest pop of the night is definitely for Rollins but Cena, Strowman, Rousey, Balor and Hogan got good pops. Not sure how Hogan came off on TV but the only audible boos I could hear were during the up next splash on the screen of him. As soon as that music hit mostly everyone of every age group was up. I think at least he did give a decent promo and that video tribute was very well done and 10 Bell salute it was almost fully quiet which is rare.

Decent episode of Raw that you could tell they were loading up due to the College National Championship game and the crowd started hot. The first match was long but had some decent spots that kept the crowd going and probably the fresh matchups helped along with Cena.

Other notable things:
Strowman looked like a goon just standing and begging Lesnar to come out with some lame one liners. He must not be cleared yet. Seemed like a wasted appearance for Lesnar to fly down here for.

The crowd was very dead for the Elias/Corbin match and the Sasha/Nia match. Not sure what some of the spots were trying to do in that Sasha/Nia match but it didn’t look good and luckily Sasha didn’t get hurt there in the corner.

You can tell how thin this roster is if Rollins and Ambrose have to do double duty for almost an hour of total on camera time.

Overall decent show live at the arena other than having to watch the screen for much of the falls count anywhere match. I usually fast forward through much of Raw the next day or later hence I don’t leave feedback, but this episode didn’t seem as long as some do so hopefully that continues. Thanks for continuing to suffer through having to watch these weekly in full. I don’t know how you do it.

I actually also enjoyed the condensed Raw/Smackdown reviews last week but maybe it was because I had time to catch up prior to listening? Either way keep up the good work

Jalen from Pickering,

If nothing else,they seemed to be trying. Hogan, Moolah mentions, and leukemia reminders probably isn’t a great look for your company though. And does anyone care about anything that has to do with the UV title? This company has managed to make Strowman look like a geek, and Brock doesn’t seem to care and he shouldn’t. At least the Mean Gene package was excellent and Rollins is over.

Bill & Alex from Orlando

We thought the show was decent tonight. Great start to the show with the 6 man tag. Rollins is extremely over with the fans. We feel like we see the same thing every time with Brock, will he ever actually face someone on RAW? Moment of Bliss was okay and we really enjoyed the Sasha/Nia match except it almost looked like Sasha may have hurt her neck somewhere in there, she did not look good walking to backstage. Rollins/Ambrose was good but Lashley is so boring and we are seeing way too much of him.


Tyler from Orlando,

Lacey Evans faced Natalya & EC3 faced Curt Hawkins on Main Event, I think both of them end up on RAW soon. The 6 man tag match was lit, everybody bit on the hot tag attempts. Being in the arena it seemed like 100% of the crowd cheered for Hogan. Not sure if it made it on TV but Dean like no sold the announce table spot to throw Renee’s phone to Michael Cole so it didn’t get damaged. Nice catch by Cole. Lastly I think Sasha VS. Ronda at the rumble is very fresh I’m looking forward to it, and Braun & Lesnar’s segment was a waste of television + production. Not that excited for that match we all know how it will go.

I liked most of the show tonight but that lesnar braun segment was weird…was wwe giving braun some free promo range? I dont think lesnar takes braun all that seriously as a star…’the guy’ needs to better on the mic, his ‘shots’ at lesnar were weeeaaak.