FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/1/18

Leave your thoughts and questions here for Rewind-A-Raw.

What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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Brandon from Oshawa

A little confession…I used to watch Raw on Tuesdays with my dad and brother, until POST Wrestling started and I began watching the show on Monday as well, so I could drop feedback, but I’ll be heading back to work next week and this will be my last Raw feedback for a while. I’ll still be tuning in though of course…

Owens & Elias are brilliant together. I’m not surprised. Owens seems to have chemistry with everyone they put him with and that may have been an all time great crowd reaction. I’m glad they showed the crowd eventually, because I almost started thinking it was being piped in. Who would have thought something as simple as hating on a failed sports team, would get that kind of nuclear heat. I’d like to see them go after the Tag Titles. Who asked for The Ascension/Roode & Gable combination 4 weeks in a row? Are they planning on giving Konnor a singles run? That is all I get from this storyline.

Johnny Impact/Mundo Survivor Update(Week 1)

Just incase anyone cares, Survivor started this week. John is on the Goliath tribe and was singled out immediately by the David tribe, as one of the 2 strongest on his team. He immediately revealed himself as “the Mayor of Slamtown” and went on to lose the first challenge, when the David tribe completed a puzzle in 8 seconds. He seems to be laying low and not wanting to stand out so much, other than his introduction. The best part was during a confessional, when he was telling the audience who he is and gave 14 ring names/nicknames. His tribe ended up winning immunity for this week.


Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

So maybe it’s just the fact I’ll be at Super Show-Down in 4-days time but I really enjoyed RAW tonight. Clear standout was Elias & KO, I could imagine these guys taking a cheap shot at Collingwood losing the AFL Grand Final last week on the MCG.

I seen Dave Meltzer say on Twitter “The WWE are using 70,000 as a number which means they are hoping for 60,000”. Given the weather forecast is rain and 18c I think they’ll be lucky to get 60,000.

Just two quick questions:
#1. Is Liv Morgan cleared to wrestle on Saturday after being knocked out cold last week?
#2. Was there any reason why John Cena has been absent from TV for the build to Super Show-Down?

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Jalen from Pickering,

206, the combined age of the 4 men in the closing segment. Watching a Mayor and a half retired Undertaker chokeslam a bald DX bummed me out. I’m tired of these guys 15 years past their prime being used so often. I hope by the end of Wrestlemania 35 all 4 of these men are actually retired, so Vince actually has to use his current roster to sell stadium shows.

Once again, Kevin Owens has managed to find great chemistry with someone else. He may not always be where he or his fans want him, but at least he will always have a role with his versatility. Also, I think Ambrose cut the best promo of his main roster career, makes me look forward to the heel turn even more.


Zekey from Toronto

Its painfully obvious the words Right Now are double underlined in everyones promo.
Its also painfully obvious that Seattle is a good crowd. It makes me think if towns without all 4 major sports should be visited more often. St Louis is another good one. And can’t wait for Milwaukee


Paul from New Jersey

I actually don’t mind the dean Ambrose Shield dissension, but there is way too much baron Corbin on my television.

6 Shawn Kemp dunks out of 10

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Remember during the Attitude Era when they built up this epic showdown between Bob Backlund and Superstar Billy Graham? I guess that’s one issue today with the lack of star power nowadays but they did have a decent build up for the Super Showdown main event. Highlight of the night was Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riott. It’s crazy to think that Ronda started training last year with Brian Kendrick. They seemed to reel in the crowd like Ruby was trying to reel in Ronda with that fishhook. I would love to see more of these two and wish that was the Evolution main event. Lastly if last year was any indication of WWE’s desire to take a low card talent and give him a push, then Konnor might be on his way to the WWE Championship. 6 Salty Seattle Super Sonics fans out of 10.

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My feedback tonight is a bit unusual but during Raw tonight they kept advertising this new sauce labeled %@$#. During the add they kept talking about the sauce while bleeping what I’m assuming is the F word and the tag line was “you can’t sensor this flavor? My question is how does one order this in the drive through? This has to be the stragest advertisement I’ve seen in a long time

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Dubs here,

Fun crowd segment with elias and KO! Liv Morgan looked great. Old guys at the end looked alright for their age i guess, but i bet they will be sore tomorrow.

6 salted toffee starbucks / 10

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I don’t think those men give a damn what you have to say. You’ve never laced up a pair of boots so who are you to tell them to retire?

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All I’ve got to say about this episode is that I’m happy for konnor, while I know it doesn’t mean anything, I’m just happy to see him get a mini push on raw after years of being jobber out.

If this is the standard for having a valid opinion about pro wrestling, then what are any of us doing here?

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