FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/16/23

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Mannie from Pacoima
First things first, much love to Andrew “scoops” Thompson. This month’s episode of the N.w.a. pod was amazing, had me laughing so hard at work.

Pretty good season premiere, Gunther vs Reed delivered. Gunther much like Ilja dragunov never has a bad match. I wonder who his next challenger will be on the mid season finale of Raw? Tozawa stole the show with that little routine of his. I need to see john and wai give that routine a try!

If you have time I definitely recommend watching the main event tag between Aramis and Rey horus vs Gringo loco and Arez from saturdays GCW blood on the hills. It was such a spectacle being there live.


Once again, Raw ended with a familiar sight of Judgment Day having all the gold…we’re right back where we’ve started. So, now what?! It cut off a lot of more interesting story directions by spoiling that group rotten!

end rant

IC title match was dope, Sami and Drew got some deft character development, the falls count anywhere was wild and I didn’t see the Jimmy Uso run-in, at all.

I’m getting a little sick of this stranglehold. Solid episode.

Jesse from Cincinnati! A interesting season premiere of Monday Night RAW! My Question is how will Rhea respond on having a Fatal 5 Way for the Women’s World Championship at Crown Jewel 2023 in Saudi? also do you think Vince’s plan of the ultimate WrestleMania match of Rock vs Roman is finally “dead” after Vince is now no longer head of creative thanks of Ari of Endeavor/TKO and with IMPACT & WWE “fighting” for CM Punk in Chicago which company will get CM Punk in a major Chicago wrestling event after Punk’s run in AEW? IMPACT Bound for Glory 2023 or WWE Survivor Series 2023?

Well now I just want to see Judgment Day keep winning.

WWE turned him down. It was in the news this past week.

Not in the mood, Brian.

There have been a lot of overbearing heel acts the past twenty years plus (NWO, Mr. McMahon, Triple H especially). Judgment Day are bearable to me. Having Triple H firmly in charge from the sounds of things should give hope for an endgame in sight for a few stories.

Starting with Dominik. He’s gotta do the honors for someone in NXT.

It’s beginning to feel like a rerun. Not to mention Priest being held under Rhea’s thumb. If anyone’s getting the boot, it’s him.

In fairness, it is wrestling. You have to take anything you read when it comes to things like this with a grain of salt.