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Great Raw from SAP Center in San Jose the city of “NJPW’s scene of the crime” when Mone took the IWGP Women’s Championship from KAIRI Sane which the Pirate Princess could return to WWE which leaves me this question with the ABEMA WWE deal set to start will Shinsuke win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for Japan and be the 1st “official” Japanese WWE world champion and another question do you think Edge’s AEW debut overshadow the Inoki memorial theme of WrestleDream if it is going to be an annual thing for AEW?

Shane from San Jose.
I was at the show! I don’t follow wwe on a week to week basis but I thought the first segments with the women’s brawl leading into the judgement day confrontation was excellent! Unfortunately everything after that dragged a lot… My biggest highlight was seeing that there’s another McDonough out there supporting my boy Dom!

  • Drew McIntyre’s descent into darker territory was rooted in logic and using the Future Shock as his finish made a bunch of sense with how over the Claymore is.

  • Tegan Nox got plenty to do tonight and Becky’s 11 stitches are a blessing in disguise as it gives her another week to build (as long as there no more hurdles)

  • The cold open with the women’s brawl was effective and the pop Rhea got was terrific. When the times comes for her to leave Judgment Day (and Dom), she’ll be a massive babyface.

  • Speaking of Dom. It would be beyond criminal for Trick Williams to lose the NA title
    tomorrow. As far as I’m concerned, there’s a bigger story with a crestfallen Melo. Judgment Day needs to stay out of NXT.

  • GUNTHER and Tommaso Ciampa felt like Takeover: Stand and Deliver all over again (the table chop had me Leo-pointing at the screen!) That match was just as ill as their match 2 years ago and Johnny Wrestling made his return to top it off. DIY is back, baby!

Mannie from Pacoima

Really solid episode. The beginning segment was a great way to kick off Raw, Rhea came off like such a bad ass. I feel she can toe line between heel and face in wwe similar to moxley cause shes punk rock like that. Prayers for dom, my boy is gonna get his suitcase thrown at him tomorrow when Trick retains.

I’m loving the nxt integration on the main roster. The main event was fantastic and hard hitting. Ciampa’s promo earlier in the night really got the crowd behind him and Gunther more than held his own on the mic. Now that #DIY is back I look forward to a future match with imperium and hopefully a better focus on the tag division on both brands and that includes giving wild and del toro some matches as well