FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/28/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Although Paige’s acting leaves much to be desired, I have to say I’m enjoying the heel work of the Kabuki Warriors. The menacing laughter and character work is very reminiscent of Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill. Kairi looked outstanding in the ring. Street Profits are mega over & Although booed initially, at least Seth didn’t sound embarrassingly cringe. Hooray for small victories. Speaking of small victories, the IICONIC’s were on TV! Thought they looked pretty decent in the ring. The only thing better than seeing the Australian ladies is knowing we get a Jon Pollock Black room promo tonight.

Never thought I would see the Vikings defeat the Cubs. Tough year for the north siders. Question, I thought Dio Madden was on his game tonight. What did you guys think?

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The final segment was one of the worst segments of the year in my opinion. First, Rusev stands in the ring smiling as Lana walks down the ramp. He should be furious at the situation. Then as she delivers her promo he bumbles over his lines with no mic skills. Finally the show goes off the air with the sad sap babyface getting his ass kicked by his cheating wife and the dude she’s screwing. Can someone explain to me why I’m supposed to be rooting for this guy?

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Brandon from Oshawa

It feels like a while since I’ve said it, but I really enjoyed this Raw tonight.

Rollins & Rowan was an excellent brawl. Becky & Kairi was really solid. It would have been a great angle if Paige was cleared, to see them attack her, but what we got was alright. I think we’re seeing that what they’ve done with the Street Profits, before finally having some matches, is starting to pay off, because they are super over right now.

Hell, even the cuck angle to close the show was well done and had some good heat. Favorite part of the night was the sick RKO to Ricochet. That may have been the best looking one ever.

Alexander from Portland

Let me get this straight: Lana is cheating, actually having sex, with Lashley, and part of that is because Rusev wants to have sex with her so much? Watching these three reminded me so much of The Room. Blonde woman cheats on the guy that loves her with someone more casual and fun. You are tearing me apart WWE! Seriously, that segment was entertaining in the worst way possible. It was like the best of Jerry Springer meeting the worst of WWE. Thanks to tonight Shorty G takes my #1 spot for worst storyline.

Question: Who do you think is more prepared to be a top champion in WWE: Strowman, Corbin, or McIntyre?

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Guy from Charlotte, NC:

Watching this show, I realized that maybe I’ve been too harsh of a critic when it comes to RAW over the last few weeks.
This week had a good bit to enjoy. A few good television matches really helped boost the show and overcome the dregs that continue to be the non-sensical Universal Title story and the show’s strange obsession with devolving into a Jerry Springer re-run.
I’d like to especially point out how good the women’s tag match was. The IIconics were pretty entertaining and played their part in making Charlotte and Nattie look like superstars.
Overall, a much better than average RAW with more positives than negatives: 6.5 out of 10.

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Raw once again was just meh but what in the hell was that closing segment?! Seriously they are just fixated on this cuckhold storyline. Takes the prize for worst storyline of the year so far and just passing shorty G.