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Jay from Colorado

I’m not sure who left it, but the face makeup imprint on Nia Jax’s abdomen was in all honesty one of my highlights of raw. It looked like a cheap Punisher logo. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard watching WWE in awhile.

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@TriggerHippie that looks like when Homer Simpson made the makeup gun and shot Marge with it.

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Mannie from pacoima

First rollins claims to be the best in the world. Then cole says something about puppets. Then on the smackdown go home Corey says the “greatest trick the devil ever pulled” qoute. Then tonight nakamura hits a go to sleep.
L.a. Park to wwe confirmed!!! I knew it!!!

The main event was a solid match. That 1d/cutter looks pretty cool. John and wai should do that move on the bde boys tomorrow as Post and Poisanra present super Tuesday! Becky and Tegan also put on a good match. The season premiere next week is stacked.

Reall enjoyed the Revolver grand prix, mox went out of his way to promote the ppv and they made marina look like the favorite since the show was announced.
Hope you both enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait til nxt announces a 1 hr kickoff fashion show hosted by pretty deadly for tomorrow. Yes boy

One batch, two batch…

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Everything felt fresh and got pushed forward. Becky v Tegan was a quality match and Tegan got elevated in defeat, it’ll bode well for her going forward. I braced for a Judgment Day non-finish in the main event but it doubled down on Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso as tag team champions (Cody’s announcement on NXT tomorrow might lead to the return of the Dusty Classic).

Overall, a satisfying reset episode…Tomorrow’s gonna be jampacked. Strap in, y’all.

(HBK and HHH right now)

Nakamura hit a GTS earlier in the night…that’s gotta be another sign.

Jesse from Cincinnati we are officially in the HHH & HBK era in WWE & Endeavor/TKO for WWE my questions does Vince regret not letting the Saudis buy WWE and with KAIRI Sane Returning to WWE does that mean the Pirate Princess makes a “wish” for NJPW/STARDOM & NOAH to have partnerships with WWE now that Vince could “be on his way out” in creative thanks to Endeavor/TKO!

Brian in New Jersey.

Fun show, and based on who’s popping up on the show, who’s continuing to get pushed, and what Fightful was reporting earlier, it’s nice to have Triple H & company back in charge. Chad Gable and Bronson Reed remain my weekly highlights, and I look forward to Reed and Gunther slapping meat next week. Very fun Triple Threat and Viking Rules Matches, and I liked the main event too.

We had another background Easter egg earlier in the show, as while Adam Pearce was talking to Ricochet backstage, behind them Rhea Ripley and Drew McIntyre were seen talking.