FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/12/18

Leave us your comments, questions & feedback to Monday’s Raw and the buildup to Survivor Series.

Tune into Rewind-A-Raw tonight.


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Tyler from Orlando,

Pretty normal episode of RAW besides the ending, I thought Becky looked bad ass with the blood, when did that cut even happen? Nothing else really happened tonight, I thought it was hilarious they did the tag team battle royale twice, we get it, you guys don’t care about your tag division. Nevertheless, I am always excited for these weekends, Survivor Series can be half as good as Takeover will be.

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RAW wasn’t a good show overall although the ending was cool with a bloody Becky kicking ass and Ambrose had a great promo.

However too many negatives in the end - the distasteful Natalya stuff, the bad acting of Corbin, the horrible Lashley and Elias segment. The worst has to be giving away Sasha and Bailey with almost a year of crappy build up just ending like that.

Why are Mickie James and Tamina on this team over Banks and Bailey? Tamina sucks and Mickie is never getting a push so why leave Banks and Bailey off? Are they already geeks in their minds now?

In the end this PPV just lacks any purpose other pitting Shane va Stephanie and honestly, how cares about those two anymore?

Andrew from Cape Breton

I was going to say that the matches seemed to lack the stakes going into Survivor Series, and while it was true in most cases, I think the ending segment did a pretty good job trying to cover that up. Sure, Charlotte now teaming with Becky Lynch in a beatdown is rough and a bunch of geeks fighting to be the captain of the geeks isn’t interesting, but the ending segment with Becky Lynch may’ve saved the entire show. She looked bad ass bleeding all over herself, and walking tall in the end. I guess we can look forward to her losing clean on Sunday and being sent down the mid card like all over acts. Another highlight was Drew McIntyre cutting the promo of his life tonight, and hopefully we can get a main event superstar coming up. 6 Bobby Lashley ass poses out of 10.

Brandon frm NJ

My dearest Ketamineites

Lads what’s cracking been a minute since we spoke kinda tragic. Why don’t you keep in touch? I blame Wai, Anywhoo raw was kinda moving at a glacier pace till that Becky Lynch titanic hit it at the end. Did I mention how bad ass she is! Good lord she is the man, she is gonna be so over in LA what are the WWE gonna do on Sunday? I mean you heard the Becky chants during the malaise Rhonda promo.

Meanderings of you know

-we finally got that dream match between Jinder and Brock at Survivor Series and it lived up to the hype eh

-didn’t know Becky was the new Sid with the Millennial Man monicker.

-why does lashley wear sun glasses at night? So he can keep track of the visions in his eyes?

-did the elite admit that they are not going anywhere in this weeks episode of BTE? The Cody segment is hilarious with the smackdown facts lmao

-John Or Jopo was that elbow by Yahir luck or skill?

My viniets are coming for my rewind a Wai appearance like glacier I’m out of here peace

Jalen from Pickering,

Becky Lynch seems to be following the career path of Daniel Bryan, with the attitude of Stone Cold. This woman is the top star in the company. McIntyre is great too, thanks Europe!

Also, Rollins at a point was a great IC Champ and WWE doesn’t care about Nakamura, he can lose clean. Dean can attack after.

Dave from Sydney
Under Siege part 2!!!

Growing up I really loved the concept of survivor series and over the last 5 or so years it has become one of the dullest events on the calander. Two weeks to build this show is a great reflection of what we will get come Monday I am looking forward to Becky and Ronda a lot and I hope that Ambrose doesn’t get involved in the Rollins and Nakamura match as I feel it could be something incredible if you give them both time, sadly I feel we are getting the shenanigans.

With what is looking like Barons time up as GM, could you see Bliss replacing him as the GM while she is on the mend?

Thanks always for the constant content throughout the week

Louis from Long Beach
There were only two good things on this episode of Raw one was from Ireland and one was from Scotland. This was Drew’s best promo yet and further established he’s the next big thing on the roster but the current big thing is Becky Lynch. In general I’m not a fan of blood but I have to say seeing Becky maintain her cocky smile despite the blood on her face may have made her an even bigger bad ass than she already was.

Ari from montreal
Although becky looked like a badass and an actual threat to ronda…i cant get over the fact her and charlotte were at war couple of weeks ago meant nothing since they fought side by side. Or even mandy and sonia just uniting. I understand brand loyalty…but come on.
One Positive is they are treating the hottest feud and character as the main event.
Question: with the seeds put in this week, will Drew turn on ziggler on sunday or next monday or not anytime soon?

Was not that much into Raw build for Survivor Series this year especially since Braun just beat the shit out of Raw’s tag teams, then they come back out later like nothing happened. The good thing is that there was only a 2 week build for this pay per view instead of the usual 4 like the previous years so at least we dont have to have forced rivalry of the brands but the ending was great.I think it should be the main event, do you think w the emphasis they put on this match that it will main event? Sorry in advance if you covered any of these points during your broadcast

Mj from Nj (Mitch, Jersey Triad)

Anyone else notice the 10 v 10 tag team match graphic had 11 spots for each show? WWE and their fuzzy math strikes again!

What the heck have they done to Bobby Lashley and did you hear Cole and Graves giggling during the Elias segment? Mature

As a member of the Tribe myself, I must say, I wasn’t the slightest offended by Brock if only because because it was so random and out of nowhere I laughed. I was love a Table for Three where Brock discusses Judiasm with Paul Heyman and Larry David.

AJ needs to win Sunday for so many reasons, particularly if Rousey is going over after taking the chair shots tonight. We don’t need this to become the WWUFC. Speaking of which, how did Becky just so easily get a deep arm bar on Rousey in the locker room. Where’s the ground defense?
Jokes aside that closing segment was fire. Becky Lynch is as great a female lead has ever been. It’s a shame she got busted open and it wasn’t by Rousey.

I’m planning a parlay of Smackdown Men, Raw Women and AJ Styles. And if you don’t know what a parlay is, google it bitches.

note: I posted the Kenny promo video from Friday night in the recap/update thread

Paul from the Brandon Club.

I recall Bobby Heenan saying that the winning Survivor Series team received double the kayfabe money. Perhaps it would be something to mention and you can show the winning team getting paid or balling out on the town. Just give me some sort of stakes. I feel like three weeks after the survivor series, the tagteam elimination matches
won’t matter. I just want some reason to care about the outcome. Getting paid big money to win is an angle even the most casual fan can understand.

Tamina Snuka over Ember…why??

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Carl in Cloverdale

Show had some moments. Dean promo, Becky run in, Dolph and Finn was ok.

This survivor series build and “brand supremacy” is just the laziest shit imaginable. Literally, the mixed match challenge has higher stakes after today’s announcement.

Mark from Vaughan

Another pedestrian show but I loved the closing segment for how it helped build Becky vs Ronda. That really should close the PPV since it’s the hottest program and the fortuitous juice Becky got at the end made her even more of a badass.

Question: There’s no way Becky would beat Ronda clean on Sunday but how would you book the match to keep her strong coming out of it? Charlotte interference seems the most likely.


There is more at stake for the winners of the Mixed-Match Challenge than any match on Survivor Series.

Facebook views have a higher priority than Network numbers!

Let that sink in?

Becky is on fire! She deserves this win Sunday…the win could help set up round 2 at mania.

Everything brock was lame…Braun looks so weak for not helping the poor singhs.

I love becky so so so so so so so so much right now. So much blood. I dont know who messed up and made her bleed but it was so great. She should definitely beat Ronda. They beat asuka so quickly so might as well give Ronda a loss. Becky is the reason I’m watching right now.

They gotta figure out a way to get holly Holm in Becky’s corner sunday!