FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/20/23

Post your thoughts on tonight’s go-home show:

Mannie from Pacoima
A solid go home edition of raw. Gunther delivered a great promo and an even better comeback tonthe random USA chants. Kaiser vs Gargano was a good match, though this entire Vinci/Kaiser dynamic is kind of confusing. First vinci was in Gunther’s bad graves and now its kaiser?
Given that Gable and Xi Li both lost their matches tonight its definitely a safe bet were getting new champions tomorrow!!! I kid of course.
With the entire raw tag division competing next week as well as Aldis and Pearce saying they need to talk, can you see them finally split the tag titles? Or do they just stay unified?

A strong go-home show with McIntyre’s new heelish pragmatic attitude, three women’s matches (none of which got shafted for time) with Becky v Xia standing out the most, Gargano/Kaiser was very good, GUNTHER’s promos have improved significantly and the fifth man reveal for Cody’s team made for a hot ending.

The look in Jey’s eye when he found out that Randy Orton is making his return made for some stellar foreshadowing…he was in the same city of Randy’s last match 18 months ago.

He can’t find any peace.